Screening and Translational Research Equipment

Microplate filling, washing and reagent distribution

  • Matrix Wellmate
    The Matrix Wellmate is an automatic, programmable, eight-channel bulk reagent dispenser. This instrument is able to adjust for plate height to allow filling of deep-well plates. Two tubing cassettes are available: one for volumes below 200 μl and another for volumes above 200 μl. This piece of equipment can dispense volumes in 1 μl increments.
  • BioTek Precision XS
    The BioTek Precision XS is a single-channel, multi-channel bulk reagent dispenser. Applications include hit picking and serial dilutions. The BioTek Precision XS can be placed in a tissue culture hood to allow for sterile dispensing for cell-based assays. Additionally, it is plate stacker shared with the BioTek Elx405CW to allow for unattended delivery of up to 30 plates to the workstation platform. This instrument acts as a complement to the CyBi Vario liquid handler to allow hit picking and dispensing from single tubes.
  • BioTek Elx405CW
    The BioTek Elx405CW is a plate washer optimized for cell-based assays.  It is 96 well and 384 well plate compatible, and is equipped with a plate stacker for hands-free operation.
  • CyBio Vario Liquid Handler
    The CyBio Vario liquid handler is a high-precision, low-volume liquid handler equipped with interchangeable pipetting heads that are equipped with 96, 384 well heads and pin tools. The instrument is also equipped with a CyBi Drop reagent dispenser for multi-channel simultaneous bulk reagent dispensing, as well as two stacker units for automated operation.

Technology Platforms

  • BioPlex 200: multiplexed biomarker analyzer
    Analysis of multiple markers in a variety of experimental samples (including serum, plasma, cell lysates) yielding quantitative measures of biomarkers of interest (picogram/milliliter) using a bead-based flow cytometric platform.  

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  • Perkin Elmer Envision Multilabel Plate Reader
    The Perkin Elmer Envision is a high throughput plate reader equipped with plate stackers for hands-free operation. The unit is equipped for fluorescence intensity, absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, FRET and BRET.
  • Guava EasyCyte
    The Guava EasyCyte is an automated, benchtop, single-cell analysis instrument which accommodates both 96-well plate and microfuge tubes. Assays include: ViaCount, ExpressPlus, Nexin, MultiCaspase, TUNEL, MitoPotential, Cell Cycle, Cell Paint, CellToxicity and Cell Growth.

    Guava Viacount, a cell viability assay, automatically analyzes the fluorescence of cells and quantitates the number of viable and non-viable cells. Guava ExpressPlus performs one-, two- or three-color assays. Nexin, MultiCaspase, TUNEL and MitoPotential are apoptosis assays to allow one to identify apoptotic cells and differentiate them into stages. Cell Cycle allows investigators to identify and determine the number of cells within various phases of the cell cycle via standard propidium iodide staining. Cell Paint allows one to ‘paint’ cells and track them when mixed with other ‘unpainted’ cells. CellToxicity allows investigators to paint target cells to differentiate them from effector cells while monitoring cell-based cytotoxicity. CellGrowth enables one to determine the number of proliferating cells in culture following mitogenic stimulation, as well as assess the number of live versus dead cells. 
  • Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro Automated Microscope
    The ImageXpress is an automated microscope with high-speed laser autofocus, coolSNAP HQ camera, and CRS Catalyst Express Plate loading robot. The unit has fluorescence and transmitted light capability, with environmental control, and is equipped with MetaXpress Imaging and Analysis software and AcuityXpress Cellular Informatics software. Ten analysis modules are available: Monopole detection, Multi-wavelength cell scoring, cell cycle, transfluor, cell health, Live/Dead, Mitotic Index, Angiogenesis, Count Nuclei and Translocation.