Cell Sorting Services and Equipment


  • Flow cytometry analysis

Cell surface staining using fluorescent-conjugated monoclonal antibodies can be analyzed. Internal determinants can be analyzed if cells are first permeabilized prior to staining.

  • Flow cytometry sorting

Cells with desired characteristics (including distinctive protein expression, GFP+) can be isolated.

  • Ca++ flux measurement

Measurement of Indo-1 loaded cells enables determination of intracellular calcium ion concentration and alteration after cell stimulation.


  • Becton Dickinson FACS-VantageSE/DiVa cell sorter

This device is equipped with three lasers, one UV-capable, and up to 12-color detection. Four streams (independent populations) can be sorted simultaneously. Sorting is monitored by two CCD video cameras, facilitating sorts lasting for extended periods (>1 hour). Sterile sorting is routinely provided at no extra charge. The UV laser facilitates measurement of Ca++ flux, using the calcium sensitive reporter, Indo-1.

  • Becton Dickinson LSR-II flow analyzer

This piece of equipment features three lasers, providing up to 10-color analysis. High-throughput automated sampler pemits unattended analysis of samples in microtiter plates.

  • Becton Dickinson FACScan flow analyzer

This device consists of a 3 color/single laser instrument, particularly suited for DNA cell cycle analysis and simple fluorescence analysis.

  • Bay Biosciences JSAN benchtop sorter

This piece is equipped with four lasers, including 355nm UV, enabling Ca++ flux measurements. It features up to 8-color detection and two stream sorting, as well as a flow-cell design, providing increased stability.

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