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Director: John W. Moeller, Sr.
Contact: John W. Moeller, Sr.
Reimann R182
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Reimann R182
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The Instrument Shop, centrally located in room 182 of the Reimann Building, is available to support the varied and diverse needs of all the clinical and scientific research staff and programs. The equipment in the facility consists of milling machines, band saw, lathes, drill press, power and foot shears, box brake, notcher, one-ton arbor press, spot welder, belt sanders welder and a dry sand blaster. A full complement of hand tools and related equipment is available to support the service.

The shop provides collaborative support to the scientific staff for their research projects. This is accomplished by development of specialized equipment needed for research which is not commercially available. We also provide consulting service on design, material and fabricating support for these jobs. Improvisation is required in the development of new equipment and the adaptation of specialized commercial equipment to perform a specific function that might not have been possible originally, but is required by the scientist for clinical research. The shop manufactures equipment that cannot be procured from commercial sources.

The facility provides expertise that varies from project to project depending on the complexity of the job. The shop produces this equipment for investigators with a turnaround time of a week or less. Some specialized projects requiring unique or highly technical service may take up to a month or longer to complete depending upon complexity, design changes or special materials. Some of the projects require more time because they are ongoing projects and may need modifications or improvements as the research progresses. A few projects require the shop to be flexible enough to handle them immediately; these are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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