Survivorship Resources and Services

The Survivorship Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center works with a multidisciplinary team to provide a whole-person approach to patient care during and after cancer treatment. Learn more about the patient-centered services and resources offered by our program:

Cardio-oncology Program (Temple Health)
Helps manage heart conditions that have been triggered or worsened by cancer therapy; treats pre-existing heart problems before cancer therapy begins; and assists in treating cancers of the heart

Community Events
Events in the area that spotlight services and support, fundraising efforts, bringing together cancer patients and families, and more

Counseling & Emotional Support
Dealing with the long-term effects of cancer or its treatment, or offering support to other patients just starting their journey

Education and Guides
More information and support for survivorship

Financial Services
Financial counseling for survivors facing large treatment-related costs, along with billing questions and health insurance information

Genetic Testing and Counseling/Risk Assessment
Clinical and genetic evaluation and testing, screening, and cancer risk-reduction services

Health and Wellness

LGBTQ Health (Temple Health)
Supported by LGBTQ Affirming Care Providers – specially trained doctors, nurses and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) who share a mission of providing care that meets the health needs of the LGBTQ community

Lymphedema Treatment Program
Complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) to treat lymphedema patients who have persistent swelling, usually in the arm or leg, as a side effect of cancer treatment

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 
Maximizing recovery of physical functions for return to everyday activities at home and work

  • Occupational Therapy: Designed to help cancer patients achieve their maximum level of independent living, both physically and psychologically
  • Physical Therapy: Promotes strength, range of motion, endurance, and efficient and safe gait and balance
  • Cancer Fatigue Program: Group exercise, talks and mindfulness sessions for cancer patients with diminished concentration and energy levels even after treatment ends

Sexual Health

Speech Pathology
Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions related to vocal pathologies, voice rehabilitation, oral motor and speech dysfunctions, and more

Supportive Oncology and Palliative Care Program
Providing relief from pain and other distressing symptoms while being mindful of patient and family needs, values, beliefs and cultures

Tobacco Treatment
Support with smoking cessation to prevent negative effects on cancer treatment

If you have more questions about the resources and services of the Fox Chase Survivorship Program, talk to your doctor or APC, or call 888-369-2427.