Nutrition Support and Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are important parts of cancer treatment. However, some patients may find meeting their nutrition needs challenging. Nutrition-related symptoms may lead to loss of appetite, weight loss, a need for a modified diet texture, dietary restrictions, or specialized feeding approaches.

At Fox Chase Cancer Center, you don’t have to manage this complex challenge by yourself. Our team of registered dietitians offer counseling, education, meal planning, and more, including:

  • Pre-treatment nutrition advice and monitoring
  • Inpatient and outpatient nutrition evaluations, counseling, and recommendations
  • Support through treatment related side effects including appetite loss and weight loss
  • Specialized nutrition assessment and evaluation for feeding tubes (enteral feeding) or intravenous (parenteral feeding)
  • Outpatient counseling for nutrition concerns and questions

To schedule an appointment with a dietitian, please call 888-369-2427.

To learn more about the role nutrition plays in oncology, please visit the following resources: