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Survivor Clinics

What is a Survivor Clinic?

When patients complete treatment at Fox Chase, our relationship with them does not end there. Through our Survivor Clinics, our doctors and Advance Practice Clinicians (APCs) continue to build their relationship with our survivors after cancer treatment.

Survivor Clinics are designed to:

  • Address the unique healthcare needs of cancer survivors, who are living longer and better lives.
  • Maximize quality of life as it relates to effects of cancer and its treatment.
  • Provide wellness education and cancer screening.
  • Provide survivors with a survivorship care plan to help coordinate their care with their other healthcare providers.
  • Illustrate Fox Chase's commitment to the health of those who have completed therapy.

Which cancer types have Survivorship clinics?

Fox Chase now has Survivorship Clinics for breast, lung, prostate and urinary tract, and thyroid cancer survivors.  Survivors of other cancer types receive survivorship care by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors in the disease-specific clinics.

What is Survivorship Research?

Fox Chase is trying to improve cancer care by finding ways to better understand and manage the needs and concerns of survivors. You may be able to help yourself and future cancer survivors by taking part in one of our survivorship research studies. Ask your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant how you may take part in survivorship research at Fox Chase.

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