Common Therapies

The most common treatment offered by our speech pathologists include swallowing, speech and voice therapies as well as mild cognitive impairment. These therapies help patients improve their ability to swallow, speak and participate in activities of daily living.

Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing therapy may include physiotherapeutic exercise to strengthen the swallowing musculature, modification of diet textures and instruction in strategies and maneuvers to compensate for the swallowing problem, and active and passive stretching of musculature affected by radiotherapeutic fibrosis.  The therapist coordinates efforts with the physician, dentist, nurse, dietician, occupational therapist, physical therapist nutrition support specialist and any others involved in the care of the patient. In some cases, treatment of a swallowing disorder requires direct medical or surgical intervention by a physician.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy may include physiotherapeutic exercise to strengthen muscles within the oral cavity, passive and active stretching of intraoral scar tissue, training with techniques to improve speech intelligibility, and exercises/drills to improve articulation clarity.  It can also include training with alternate communication methods such as an Artificial Larynx, Esophageal Speech, and/or TEP speech.

Voice Therapy

Many causes of hoarseness can be treated through voice therapy, a form of physical therapy for the voice.  Conducted by a licensed, certified speech pathologist with special interest and expertise in the treatment of voice disorders, treatment may include exercises for strengthening vocal musculature and improving vocal technique for  the best possible sound quality.

Mild Cognitive Impairment Program

The Speech Pathologist will perform a battery of tests and explore the patient’s concerns in order to develop the treatment plan. Therapy usually consists of education and counseling, development of strategies and tools to assist with recall and attention, and therapeutic activities.