Pastoral Care

Mission Statement

Recognizing the need for spiritual support as part of total patient care, the main objective of the Pastoral Care Service is to foster a compassionate presence, provide spiritual and emotional support and encourage hope.

Commitment to Compassion and Hope

Barbara Klimowicz and Alexander Hud, the Oncology Staff Chaplains, are available to visit patients in the hospital and the outpatient areas on a regular basis and upon request. They provide spiritual and emotional support, with a particular sensitivity and respect for one’s personal values and beliefs.

Scope of Services

  • Serves as a liaison between the hospital and Interfaith Visiting Community Clergy, who are available to visit those patients from their own faith backgrounds upon request.
  • Provides special holiday prayer services for patients, families and staff.
  • Offers a Spiritual Resource Library, which includes musical and inspirational CDs, DVDs and audiotapes, as well as spiritual videos on the Hospital Instant Healthline Video On-Demand System (Channels 28-30). A folder containing all the above information, as well as a Bible, can be found in every patient’s room.
  • Sustains a close relationship with dedicated young individuals, who participate in joint fundraising efforts that directly benefit patient comfort care. More on Crusade for Care.
  • The Sautter Family and Elliott-Lewis Corp. Chapel is available to patients, families and staff for prayer and meditation.


The Pastoral Care office (C-300 H) is located on the third floor of the Center Building, next to the Talbot Library, and can be reached by calling 215-728-2944.

Pastoral Care Resources

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