Community Education Series

REC Education Sessions


The Lippincott Resource & Education Center offers free monthly hour-long education sessions.  The sessions will be led by specialists and provide information to patients, their family, staff, and community members on various cancer topics. This is a great chance to have your questions answered as well. Sessions have been held on skin cancer prevention, clinical trials, nutrition, spirituality, genetics, survivorship, caregiving, and more. We’re always open to topic ideas, so feel free to reach out if you’d like to suggest one!

Upcoming Education Sessions

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Lippincott Resource & Education Center (REC) invites you to attend upcoming virtual free education sessions.

These virtual sessions will discuss cancer prevention, screening, and treatment options. Participants will also learn ways to help themselves and family members make the best choices to improve their health and wellness. There will be opportunities to submit your questions prior to the virtual sessions or participate in a live Q&A.

To register, or more information, please call 215-214-1618 or email: [email protected].

Previous Events

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Understanding Skin Cancer

June 23, 2020


Family History and Cancer Risk

July 13, 2020
Additional Resources

Patient Resource for Genetic Counseling:


Mindfulness and Relaxation

August 19, 2020


Dangers of Vaping

September 22, 2020


Medical Marijuana for Symptom Management

October 27, 2020
Additional Resources

Cancer, Cannabis, and the Search for Relief (PDF) written by Marcin Chwistek, MD, FAAHPM

Information on Marijuana and Cancer from American Cancer Society


Nutrition & Cancer: Myths vs. Truths

November 18, 2020
Additional Resources

Does Sugar Feed Cancer? (PDF)

Soy and Breast Cancer (PDF)

Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown (PDF)


Stress Reduction Through Yoga

December 9, 2020
Additional Resources

Learn more about Michelle Stortz's yoga programs

Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra Program on December 20, 2020 (PDF)

Virtual Yoga Program at Fox Chase (PDF)

Stronger After Cancer Course by Michelle Stortz (PDF)


Surviving Cancer: Things You Can Do During and After Treatment

January 20, 2021
Additional Resources

Survivorship Care for Cancer-Related Late and Long-Term Effects (NCCN Guidelines for Patients)

Survivorship Care for Healthy Living (NCCN Guidelines for Patients)

NCCN News Release featuring Dr. Denlinger


Beyond BRCA: Panel Based Testing for Hereditary Cancer

February 16, 2021


Understanding Colorectal Cancer

March 30, 2021


Nutrition for the Cancer Survivor

April 21, 2021
Additional Resources

Nutrient Dense Recipes (PDF)

Overnight Oats and Cashew Mac & Cheese Recipes (PDF)

American Institute for Cancer Research's (AICR) New American Plate (PDF)

Does Sugar Feed Cancer? (PDF)


5 Simple Ways to be Mindful and Reduce Stress in Your Everyday Life

May 19, 2021


Overview of Breast Cancer Screening and Management

May 27, 2021


Understanding Skin Cancer

June 1, 2021


Breast Cancer Survivorship

July 14, 2021


Stress Reduction Through Yoga

July 20, 2021


Healthy Lifestyles for Cancer Survivors

August 20, 2021


Cancer Survivorship Part II: Importance of Your Survivorship Care Team

September 14, 2021


What About Me? Caregivers: The Forgotten Role

October 19, 2021


Understanding Lung Cancer

November 16, 2021


Nutrition and Cancer: Myths vs. Truths

December 1, 2021


Dinner Table Conversations: How to Talk About Your Family's Cancer History

January 19, 2022


Clinical Trials: Exploring All of Your Options

February 22, 2022


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in the Oncology Population

March 11, 2022


Managing Nutrition Related Side Effects

March 16, 2022


Skin cancer prevention

June 15, 2022


Tumor vs. Inherited Genetic Testing: What’s the difference?

July 12, 2022


Breast Cancer Survivorship

August 17, 2022


The Dangers of Polypharmacy and How to Manage Your Medicines at Home

October 12, 2022


Organ Donation Fact vs. Fiction: Breaking Down Myths to Save Lives

October 25, 2022


Treatment Approaches for Neuropathic Pain

November 8, 2022


If you have an uncertain or negative genetic test result - what next?

December 13, 2022


Fueling Your Journey: Preventing Malnutrition Before, During, and After Treatment

January 11, 2023


Introduction to Hospice and Palliative Care

February 21, 2023


Behavioral Strategies/Medication Management for Sleep

May 23, 2023


Understanding Skin Cancer

June 13, 2023


Understanding Hereditary Risk For Gynecologic Cancer

October 18, 2023


Genetic Testing for Cancer Patients and Families

November 21, 2023


MyPlate: How to Build a Better Meal While Enjoying the Cultural Foods You Love

January 18, 2024


Mindfulness Practices for Those Touched by Cancer

February 8, 2024


Understanding My Colorectal Cancer Risk and Screening Options

March 19, 2024


Clinical Trials - What are they and Why are they important?

April 16, 2024