• Leica Cryostat 1950

    Leica Cryostat 1950 Frozen sections for HE, IHC or IF

  • Nikon microscope

    Nikon microscope with NIS element software Digital photography for presentations and publications

  • Leica Aperio CS2 scanner

    Leica Aperio CS2 scanner For whole slide scanning, telepathology, image capture and image analysis

  • NanoZoomer S60 Slide Scanner

    NanoZoomer S60 Slide Scanner High speed and high resolution digital whole slide bright field and fluorescence scanner for imaging up to 60 slides automatically

  • Leica LMD 6500

    Leica LMD 6500  For capturing pure populations of cells, such as normal, tumor or stromal cells, from complex heterogeneous tissue samples

  • Roche Ventana Discovery autostainer

    Roche Ventana Discovery autostainer Fully automated stainer provides investigators with a consistent, reproducible and high-throughput service that can be adapted for multiple protocols and detection strategies

  • Visopharm Oncotopix AI

    Visopharm Oncotopix AI