What to Bring to Your First Appointment

  • All health insurance cards, including separate prescription cards, and a referral form (if your insurer needs a written referral)
  • State- or government-issued picture ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Depending on your type of insurance, you may be asked to make a co-payment at this time. If you are not sure if this will be required, call your insurance company’s member services department or contact your nurse navigator.
  • Your health history, including a list of your doctors, allergies, and any prescription and over-the-counter medications you take (including dosages and how often you take them)
  • A copy of your advance directive (also known as a living will or Healthcare Power of Attorney), if you have one. This legal document, also known as a living will, tells your provider what health care you would like provided or withheld in case you are not able to provide directions as a result of your health status. You should bring a copy of any power of attorney you may have, as well as this legal document authorizing another person to make health care decisions for you.
  • Questions for your doctor
Fox Chase Cancer Center does not permit access to the ambulatory care areas of the campus prior to 5:00 am.  

Before your first visit, if applicable, your nurse navigator may have already worked with you to collect:

  • A copy of your health records
  • Lab slides and reports
  • X-ray CDs and reports

Returning Your Records

We will return the records below to the hospital they came from after we have reviewed them:

  • Any slides (of tissue or cell samples)
  • Original X-ray, CT, MRI or other films, or CD with images

Printed records brought to the Center by you will become part of your Fox Chase medical record. If you want to keep copies for yourself, please make them before you come. By law, we are not allowed to re-copy your records. If you need more copies of your slides, ask your hospital to give those to you.

Please Remember to Ask for your CDs Before You Leave

Fox Chase Cancer Center does not store or retain CDs on file. The material is downloaded and the CD will be returned. 

Patient Guides and Forms

Link to


Read our website for more information, or download these printable guides and forms

Fox Chase Cancer Center Patient Guide [PDF]

Infusion Therapy Guide for Patients [PDF]

Radiation Therapy Guide for Patients [PDF]

Surgery Guide for Patients [PDF]


When You Go to Appointments with Your Care Team

  • Come prepared for your doctor’s visits. Bring a list with all of your questions, medicines, and any other important healthcare information.
    • Keep a written or electronic record of all of your care visits, procedures, medicines and treatments to bring with you to all of your healthcare visits.
  • Ask about your treatment options.
    • What standard-of-care and clinical trial options are available for treating your health problem?
    • Which treatments are best for you now?
    • Which treatments are offered at Fox Chase Cancer Center?
    • What are the side effects of each treatment and what are their conflicts and interactions with other treatments?
  • Share your feelings with your care team. They matter just as much as your physical condition.
  • When you have concerns about your care, speak up.
  • Ask that your care instructions be given to you in a way that you understand and learn best.

Be an Engaged Patient