After Your Visit

To decide the best care for you, your doctor may suggest other tests or procedures. He/she may also send you to other clinicians at Fox Chase. A member of your care team will talk to you about follow-up care and help you plan any future visits.

We offer several ways to communicate with your care team in-between visits including a dedicated phone line, myTempleHealth (formerly myFoxChase) and our Direct Referral Unit (DRU) for medical emergencies. We also have a dedicated scheduling phone line for returning patients.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Pharmacy is open 9-6 weekdays,  for Fox Chase patients who have a prescription from a Fox Chase provider as part of their cancer treatment plan.

When You Are Discharged
  • Ask for a paper document that highlights all of the important information in your discharge instructions.
  • Talk with your caregiver about your daily routine, including:
    • The times you take your medicines
    • The times you wake up and go to sleep
    • The times you like to bathe or shower
    • Your exercise routine
  • Use your own system (paper or electronic) to record important discharge and follow-up instructions.
  • Check that you have your follow-up appointment paper and your discharge medication paper with your next dose times completed by your care team.

Be an Engaged Patient