Hospital Stay

Before Your Planned Admission to the Hospital

A few days before you are admitted as an inpatient at Fox Chase Cancer Center, a member of our Admissions Office staff will call you to confirm the date and time of your admission.

Before your hospital stay you and your family members may want to learn more about our visiting hours and policies, patient amenities, and meals and guest services.

Pre-Admission Testing

You may be scheduled to visit Fox Chase for certain tests a few days before your admission. These tests will help your doctor prepare for your treatment. The tests will be arranged for you through our Pre-Admission Testing Office.

What To Bring

Here are some things you’ll need or may want with you during your stay. Please leave any valuables at home.

  • Your insurance cards
  • A nightgown or pajamas, bathrobe, slippers and toiletries
  • Assistive devices (hearing aids, cane, dentures)
  • Stationery, pens, reading materials, laptop computer, portable media player with earphones

Advance Directives

At the time of your admission, your nurse will ask if you have an advance directive, such as a living will or Healthcare Power of Attorney with you. If you have your form with you, please give a copy to the nurse for your record. If you do not have one, the nurse will offer a booklet about Advance Directives. Please review the information and ask your doctor, nurse or social worker for assistance to complete the form. A copy of your completed form will be added to your patient record.

Arriving at Fox Chase

When you arrive at Fox Chase, please go to the Inpatient Admissions Office in the West Building. Our staff will assign you a room and ask you to sign the necessary forms. Then, you will be escorted to your room. If you are having surgery on the same day you are admitted, our staff will take you to the Same Day Surgery area. In either case, your family can come with you.

Occasionally, there may be a delay in preparing your room due to our patient volumes. Our Admissions staff will keep you informed and do all they can to expedite your admission.

Your Care

When you get to your room, you will meet the nurse responsible for your care. Your nurse will familiarize you with the schedule, make you comfortable and ask you if you have completed an advance directive. 

An inpatient physician team will manage your care.

If you are admitted by a medical oncologist, your inpatient team will include an attending physician (hospitalist) who is a colleague of your medical oncologist, a medical resident and a medical oncology fellow.

If you are admitted by a surgeon, he or she will serve as your attending physician assisted by a surgical resident, a surgical oncology fellow and a physician’s assistant.

When you are admitted, a resident physician will examine you. Your attending physician will be responsible for planning your inpatient treatment and overseeing the resident and fellow on your team. The resident will see you on a daily basis and will talk with you about your progress and any day-to-day concerns.

Your family may call the fellow for an update on your condition. Family meetings are another good way to make sure everyone knows how your care is proceeding and when you will be discharged from the hospital. The social worker assigned to your hospital floor can arrange a family meeting with you, your loved ones and your medical team.

Checking Out

Nurses, called case managers, can help patients and their families plan for discharge from the Hospital. If you have any questions, ask your primary nurse to call the Case Management Office.

Please remember to make advance arrangements for your transportation home. If you have received medicine that dulls your alertness or causes noticeable physical reactions, a responsible adult must accompany you.

After you are discharged, you may be mailed a questionnaire about your hospital stay. Your comments will help us evaluate our services to continue providing quality patient care. If you have a problem or concern during your stay, please contact our Patient Advocacy Office at 215-728-3063.

Patient Guides and Forms


Read our website for more information, or download these printable guides and forms

Fox Chase Cancer Center Patient Guide [PDF]

Infusion Therapy Guide for Patients [PDF]

Radiation Therapy Guide for Patients [PDF]

Surgery Guide for Patients [PDF]