Preparing for Treatment and Procedures

There are a number of steps patients can take to prepare for the course of therapy planned by their physician team. Proper preparation for procedures like infusion therapy, radiation, surgery and colonoscopy can lead to better health outcomes. The following information is meant as a general guideline. Each Fox Chase patient will receive specific instructions, based on medical history, from his or her doctor and treatment teams. 

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Pharmacy is open 9-6 weekdays,  for Fox Chase patients who have a prescription from a Fox Chase provider as part of their cancer treatment plan.

Infusion Therapy

You may get your chemotherapy as an outpatient in the Infusion Room of our Outpatient Department, during a Hospital stay or at home. The Infusion Room at Fox Chase provides infusion services for our patients requiring chemotherapy, non-chemotherapy infusions, hydration and blood product transfusions. The number of treatments and the length of the infusion process depends on services the patient requires.

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Fox Chase Cancer Center, our team of highly-trained physicians, nurses, radiation oncology physicist, dosimetrists and radiation therapists work with patients to deliver high quality radiation treatments. Your radiation oncologist will explain the expected benefits, risks and outcomes of your radiation therapy.

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If your doctor decides surgery is the most effective treatment, you will first meet one of our nurses in our pre-admission testing office. The nurse will review your medical history and medications, make sure you understand your planned surgery, and tell you what tests you need to have done before surgery, such as blood tests, X-rays, or an electrocardiogram (EKG). These tests will be done as an outpatient at Fox Chase, or in your primary doctor’s office.

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When preparing for a colonoscopy, it is most important that your colon is clean, in order for a physician to complete the procedure properly. This involves taking a laxative solution the day before your colonoscopy is scheduled.

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Patient Guides and Forms

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Read our website for more information, or download these printable guides and forms

Fox Chase Cancer Center Patient Guide [PDF]

Infusion Therapy Guide for Patients [PDF]

Radiation Therapy Guide for Patients [PDF]

Surgery Guide for Patients [PDF]