Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH

Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH

Associate Research Professor

Health Communications and Health Disparities

Co-Director, GMaP Region 4

Research Program

Education and Training

Educational Background

  • PhD, Health Studies/Health Communications, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
  • MPH, Community Health Education, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 1984
  • BA, Sociology, West Chester State College, West Chester, PA, 1976


  • American Public Health Association
  • Pennsylvania Public Health Association
  • American Society of Preventive Oncology
  • Intercultural Cancer Council
  • Pennsylvania Cancer Control Consortium
  • American Medical Informatics Association
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine

Honors & Awards

  • ATECAR Steering Committee Award, Center for Asian Health
  • Marion Morra Award
  • Award, Outstanding Community Service, Southeastern Pennsylvania High Blood Pressure Program (SEPAHBP)
  • George Bennet Dissertation Fellowshop
  • NCI Mentored Training in Dissemination and Implementation Science - Washington University, St. Louis
Research Profile

Research Program

Research Facility

Lab Overview

Dr. Linda Fleisher is an Associate Research Professor leading health disparities and health communications research and Co-Director of the NCI’s Region 4 Geographic Management Program (GMaP).   Her research focuses on the intersection of implementation science, health disparities, health communication interventions, digital health and innovation.    During her initial tenure at Fox Chase (1984-2013), she was the Senior Director and ultimately Principal Investigator of the NCI’s Cancer Information Service (1993-2010), Co-Director of the CIS Research Consortium Intervention & Development Core (2005-2010), Founding Director of Fox Chase’s Community Outreach and Resource Education Center (2000-2013) and Co-Director of the NCI’s Region 4 GMaP program (2010-present).    An important distinction among these initiatives is the integration and connection between programmatic development, stakeholder engagement and practice-based research.   She has utilized her training in public health to work in collaboration with racial and the ethnic minority communities, local, state and federal public health organizations, and other professional organizations to implement and evaluate evidence-based programs in real world settings.   Dr. Fleisher’s training in health education and health communications has been instrumental in the development and testing of a variety of patient and provider interventions using both traditional and technology based approaches. Dr. Fleisher also participated in the NCI Mentored training in Implementation Science, served as a Co-I on a number of implementation studies and is continuing her research involving integration of evidence-based research into practice.  

Dr. Fleisher, recently rejoined the Fox Chase faculty (2019), after a six-year position at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Research Institute and adjunct research professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.   During this time Dr. Fleisher expanded her expertise in implementation of digital health in practice, development of digital health interventions, and academic entrepreneurship.   She was co-director of the mHealth Research Affinity Group and research liaison to the Office of Digital Health.  During this time, she continued as adjunct faculty at Fox Chase advancing her research with health disparities, clinical trials, and the GMaP cancer disparities research network.   

Her current research includes the mychoice randomized control trial to improve informed decision making in clinical trial participation, the NSF funded AWARE project focused on increasing academic entrepreneurship among underrepresented faculty, and the GMaP Region 4 program supporting underrepresented researchers in their career development.   She is a strong collaborator, working closely with colleagues to address health disparities, while integrating both digital health and implementation science into research.   She participates in national level organizations focused on patient navigation leveraging her experience with her patient navigation demonstration project and statewide navigator network.  

Dr. Fleisher has won the prestigious awards, such as ATECAR Steering Committee Award, George Bennett Dissertation Fellowship, and NCI Mentored Training in Dissemination and Implementation Science.  She has published almost 100 peer reviewed papers, held numerous grants (NCI, NSF, PA Department of Health, industry), mentored undergraduate and graduate students, and serves in many editorial capacities.  She currently serves on a number of national leadership groups in patient navigation and health disparities, as well as locally in public health and public education.


Selected Publications

  1. Fleisher, L., Erkoboni, D., Halkyard, K., Sykes, E., Norris, M., Walker, L., Winston, F. (2017). Are mHealth interventions to improve child restraint system installation of value? A mixed methods study of parents. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(10): 1122.

  2. Fleisher, L., Gonzalez, E., Washington, A. (2017). Creating authentic and lasting community relationships to enhance awareness and understanding of cancer research. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. Online first. DOI.

  3. Myers, RE, DiCarlo, M., Romney, M.,Fleisher, L.,Sifri,R., Soleiman, J., Lambert, E., Rosenthal, M. (2018) Using a health system learning community strategy to address cancer disparities, Learning Health Systems, First published: 18 September 2018.

  4. Fleisher, L., Gentry, E., Gonzalez, E., & Tillman, A. (2018). Community Outreach. In Team-Based Oncology Care: The Pivotal Role of Oncology Navigation (pp. 111-124). Springer, Cham.

  5. Fiks, A. G., Fleisher, L., Berrigan, L., Sykes, E., Mayne, S. L., Gruver, R., ... & McMahon, P. (2018). Usability, acceptability, and impact of a pediatric teledermatology mobile health application. Telemedicine and e-Health, 24(3), 236-245.

  6. Check, D., Zullig, L., Davis, M., Davies, L., Chamber, D., Fleisher, L. Kaplan,s. Proctor, E., Ramanadhan, S., Schroeck, F., Stover, A., Kocszwara, B. Improvement Science and Implementation Science in Cancer Care: Identifying Areas of Synergy and Opportunities for Further Integration, Journal of General Internal Medicine, in press.

  7. Fleisher, L., Bass, S., Shwarz, M., Washington, A., Nicholson, A., Alhajji, M., Geynisman, DM., Maurer, L., Greener, J. Kenny, C., Using theory and user-centered design in digital health: The development of the mychoice communication tool to prepare patients and improve informed decision making regarding clinical trial participation. Psycho-oncology, under review.

Additional Publications


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