Methods of Inhibiting Proliferation of Estrogen-Independent Cancer Cells

Ref. No. 493-LW


Estrogen-independent tumor growth and subsequent resistance to endocrine therapies pose significant challenges to the effective treatment of estrogen receptor (ER) positive breast cancers. Metastatic estrogen receptor positive (ER+) cells typically become estrogen-independent and subsequently resistant to anti-estrogen therapies. Thus, the understanding of mechanisms of such estrogen-independence and identification of potential targets to overcome drug resistance are important for alternative therapies.

Summary of the Invention

Researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Center have discovered that changes in the action of proteins interacting with core components of the estrogen response are responsible for both survival and drug resistance, and that inhibition of these proteins may modulate response to endocrine therapies. These findings have identified potential targets for the development of novel strategies for the treatment of estrogen-independent breast cancer and will contribute to the development of new mathematical and computational models that can explain the mechanisms of endocrine resistance.

Patent Status: issued patent US9,677,072B2 June13, 2017

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