Method and Apparatus for Endoscopic Examination of Lesions in Small Animals

(Ref. No. 07-12)


In many research projects , it is necessary to assess the presence of les ions and to measure the progression of their growth in experimental anima ls. When the test subjects are small animals, it is quite difficult to measure lesions and frequently this is achieved via necrop sy. Thus , it is desirable to develop a system in which the growth of the lesion can be evaluated in a live subject so the conti nuous growth of the lesion can be monitored.

Summary of the Invention

Researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Center have developed a method and apparatus for endoscopic examination of lesions in small animals. T he device comprises a positioning system for a small animal and an endoscope assembly. The positioning system is configured to support the animal body and to adjust it in a variety of directions and angles , which allows the orientation of the animal to be changed relative to the endoscope and t he opera tor can perform the endoscopic procedure with little or no assistance. Since the tumor size can be efficiently measured without resorting to necroscopic measurements, the test subjects can be periodically monitored to evaluate the tumor growth. The device was successfully used in measuring the growth rate of colon tumors in mice , but can also be applied in other procedures, such as inspection of the esophagus, trachea or bronchial spaces.

Patent Status: US Patent # US 9,451,904 B2 issued September 27, 2016

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