Cancer Diagnostics and Risk Assessment

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Biomarkers for Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection and Treatment

Patent No. US8609437B2; Summary

  Anthony Yeung 

Inna Khartchenko


Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Marker for Malignant Mesothelioma 

Patent No. US10344333B2Summary

 Joseph Testa

Tatiana Venkova


Estrogen Metabolite Levels and CYP1B1 Polymorphisms in Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Risk Assessment

Published Application No.US20190180877A1

 Margie Clapper

Natalia Shalginskikh


Novel Diagnostic Method for Predisposition to Colorectal Cancer

Patent No. US9157124B2; Summary

 Greg Enders

Tatiana Venkova


Novel Biomarkers for Prognosis and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Published Application No.WO2017049023A1; Summary

Patent No. US10724100B2

Other Patent Applications Pending

Erica Golemis

Tatiana Venkova


Novel Biomarker For Risk Assessment And Treatment Evaluation For Cancers With Fibrosis

Published Application No.WO2018005355; Summary

Edna Cukierman 

Natalia Shalginskikh


Methods For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Patients Having Solid Tumors

Published Application No.US20200232041A1; Summary

Sanjeevani Arora

Tatiana Venkova


High EGFR Somatic Mutation Frequency Targeting the TK Domain in Colorectal Cancer Patients with Microsatellite Instability (MSI)

Published Application No.WO2018157032A1Summary

Wafik El-Deiry

Tatiana Venkova


Novel Cancer Prognostic based on MHC-I Genotype and Presentability

Published Application No.WO2019005764A1; Summary

Joan Font-Burgada

Tatiana Venkova


 Urinary DNA Detection for Monitoring of Urothelial Cancer

Published Application No.WO2019222325A1;  Summary

Philip Abbosh

Natalia Shalginskikh


Applications of exosomes in the diagnosis of brain tumors

Published Application No.WO2021216733A2

Zeng-Jie Yang

Natalia Shalginskikh


Estrogen Metabolite Levels and EGFR Mutations in Lung Cancer Risk Stratification and Treatment

Published Application No.WO2021142408A1

Margie Clapper

Natalia Shalginskikh


The usage of r-HCG and the genomic signature of the breast induced by r-HCG in BRCA 1/2 carriers

Published Application No.WO2022125417A1Summary

Jose Russo

Natalia Shalginskikh


Malignant Mesothelioma Susceptibility as a Result of Germline Gene Alteration: novel prognostic and diagnostic marker for mesothelioma.

Patent pending; Summary

Joseph Testa

Tatiana Venkova