HematoDart – A Novel Applicator for Hemostatic Agents

(Ref. No. 437-RU)


Even though mechanical suturing, clips, and staples remain the mainstay of bleeding prevention, they are not always practical during laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures with limited access for larger instruments, and where bleeding dramatically decreases visualization of already small operative field. In response to this need, the field of intraoperative hemostatic adjuncts continues to increase and improve. The number of various agents can either provide a lattice to encourage hemostasis and/or activate the clotting cascade. Many of these agents, however, are applied manually and then held in place, usually under a gauze or sponge, thereby holding direct pressure on the bleeding wound. This practice poses several inefficiencies, including directionality and accuracy of placement and maintenance of position over the bleeding tissue. Moreover, maintaining applied focal pressure to the bleeding surface over time is a key component to successful use of hemostatic agent. Eventually, the release of the applied pressure often results in dislodgement of the hemostatic agent allowing the area to potentially re-bleed. Thus, there is a need for improved methods of delivering hemostatic agents to patients.

Summary of the Invention

In an effort to improve the application of hemostatic agents with dexterity and simplicity as well as to be able to use them for a larger bleeding area, Dr. Robert Uzzo, Chairman of the Department of Surgical Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center, has developed a novel hemostatic agent applicator – “HematoDart”. This new applicator allows not only to contact a bleeding surface and apply manual pressure to the wound, but also to release the delivery component from the handle, thereby leaving the hemostatic agent attached to the surface and overcome the potential risk of re- bleeding.

Patent Status: A patent application has been filed

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