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Replication of Hepatitis C Virus in Non-Hepatic Epithelial and Mouse Hepatic Cells

Patent No. US7416840B2

Christoph Seeger

Natalia Shalginskikh


Alternate Morpheein Forms of Allosteric Proteins as a Target for the Development of Bioactive Molecules

Patent No. US8153410B2

Eileen Jaffe

Inna Khartchenko


Rotamer Libraries and Methods of Use Thereof

Published Application No.WO2010123898A1

Roland Dunbrack

Inna Khartchenko


Method and Apparatus for Endoscopic Examination of Lessions of Small Animals

Patent No. US9451904B2; Summary

Harvey Hensley

Tatiana Venkova


Compositions and Methods for p53-Mediated Repression of Gene Expression

Patent No. US7053194B2

Maureen Murphy

Natalia Shalginskikh


SCWRL4 software for predicting protein side-chain conformations

Roland Dunbrack

Roland Dunbrack


System for Image Fusion of Fluorescence Molecular Tomography and MRI datasets from a vertical bore MR system

Patent No. US9526809B2

Harvey Hensley

Tatiana Venkova


Screening Assay for Identification of Poly-ADP Ribose Polymerase 1(PARP1) Inhibitors 

Patent No. US10472664B2Summary

 Alexei Tulin 

Natalia Shalginskikh


Carbon-Detected NMR for Mapping Binding Sites in Intrinsically Disordered Regions of a Protein

Patent No. US10436795B2; Summary

Hong Cheng

Natalia Shalginskikh


Novel method of selection and enrichment of gene-targeted cells

Patent No. US10724051B2; Summary

Hong Yan

Natalia Shalginskikh


Multi-Analite Columns - Generating a Kinome Profile for Cancer Therapy

Published Application No.WO2020046770A1Summary

James Duncan

Natalia Shalginskikh


Methods of Inhibiting Proliferation of Estrogen-Independent Cancer Cells

Patent No.US 9677072B2Summary

Louis Weiner

Natalia Shalginskikh