Aromatherapy Device / Wrist Mate

Ref. No. 257-MP


The olfactory senses have powerful physiological and psychological effects. In different individuals, different scents elicit different responses, which can include but are not limited to anti-emetic effects, bronchodilation (increased airflow in the lungs), calming and various positive emotions. Depending on the scent chosen, one or multiple effects can be obtained from inhaling the different scents.

Summary of the Invention

WRIST MATE, a novel invention developed at Fox Chase Cancer Center, uses a cylindrical or circular vial, filled with any number of aromas, to provide physiologic and/or psychological positive response. The wristband is made of an elastic, terry clothlike substance and can be worn on the wrist. When a scent is needed, a WRIST MATE packet is squeezed between the thumb and forefinger, breaking one or more of the liquidfilled vial(s) and releasing the scents in a controlled manner into the wristband.


WRIST MATE is designed for any individual to partake in various scents at almost any time and in any location. These locations can include but are not limited to places and individuals where anti-nausea scents may be helpful including surgical recovery patients, chemotherapy patients, women suffering from morning sickness and air/car/sea or motion sickness. The bronchodilation effects of many scents can be used in athletics to overcome bronchoconstriction (tightening of the airways) from participation during competitions and exercise to improve performance and endurance. The relaxation effects of many scents can be used in individuals in stressful situation such as school or college exams, work and public speaking as well as many others.

Patent Status: US 9,526,809 B2 issued on December 27, 2016

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