Mary B. Daly, MD, PhD, FACP

Clinical Locations

Primary Location

Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111


Professor, Department of Clinical Genetics

Former Chair, Department of Clinical Genetics

Director, Risk Assessment Program

TRDG Member, Breast CancerKidney, Bladder, and Prostate CancerOvarian and Gynecologic Cancer

Timothy R. Talbot Jr. Chair in Cancer Research

NCCN, Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Panel Member

NCCN, Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis Panel Member

NCCN, Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Breast and Ovarian Panel Member

Treatment Focus

Clinical Genetics; breast cancer; Risk Assessment; chemoprevention research; family risk assessment and genetic testing; epidemiology; gynecologic cancers

Research Program

Key Awards

Philadelphia Magazine Top Docs 2020
Medical Oncology

Treatment Philosophy

I consider it an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to accompany my patients on their cancer journey. I am allowed to witness their strength and courage, to be exposed to the devotion of their families and friends, and to become part of their lives in a very special way.

By extending this care to family members through the risk assessment program, we can work together towards the reduction of risk and prevention of cancer. I like to approach every patient encounter as a mutual learning experience. It is an opportunity for me to share with each patient the latest information about their cancer and treatment or their cancer risk, and give them the tools they need to make informed decisions.

It is also an opportunity for them to teach me something about themselves, about their lives and families, and how they cope with illness and promote their own health. I always feel both drained and enriched after a day in clinic.

Director, Risk Assessment Program

Dr. Daly is a national leader in the field of clinical cancer genetics, and is the founder and director of one of the first cancer risk assessment and counseling programs in the country, established in 1991.

Dr. Daly is the founder and director of Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Risk Assessment Program, which is heavily grounded in research. The program has contributed to early observations regarding risk perception and risk-reducing behavior among women with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer, and has been instrumental in the development of state-of-the-art cancer risk counseling interventions... Expand

Education and Training

Educational Background

  • Fellow, Oncology, University of Texas Health Center, Austin, TX
  • Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Texas Health Center, Austin, TX
  • MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, 1978
  • PhD, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, 1973
  • MSPH, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, 1971
  • BA, Biology, College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, 1965


  • Board Certified in Medical Oncology
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Pennsylvania Medical License
  • New Jersey Medical License
  • Texas Medical License


  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)
    • Breast Cancer Risk Reducation Panel
    • Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis Panel
    • Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Breast and Ovarian Panel
    • JNCCN Editorial Board
  • International Gynecologic Cancer Society
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American Association for Cancer Research
  • American Society for Preventive Oncology
  • American Public Health Association

Honors & Awards

  • Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctors, 2009-20
  • America’s Top Doctors®, 2015-2017
  • Susan G. Komen Light of Life Award, 2014
  • Women of Distinction Award, Philadelphia Business Journal, 2011
  • Cancer Control Award, American Cancer Society, 1996, 2004
Patient Stories

Jane Tervooren

Breast Cancer

Jane Tervooren

Breast Cancer

Jane Tervooren knows all too well how precious life can be. As the marketing director of one of the largest fertility practices in New Jersey, she watches women who struggle with getting pregnant and who want nothing more than to experience the miracle of childbirth. She also knows how fragile life can be after losing her mother and grandmother too soon to ovarian cancer.

Jane's mother was successfully treated for breast cancer when she was 49, but 14 years later lost her life to ovarian cancer. Jane's grandmother also lost her battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 53.

Deena Dell

Breast Cancer

Deena Dell

Breast Cancer

If you think breast cancer is only diagnosed in stages I, II, III or IV, think again. Deena Damsky Dell, MSN, RN-BC, AOCN(R), can tell you, "Stage 0 breast cancer is really cancer."

After an extensive career in nursing education and oncology critical care, Fox Chase recruited Deena in 2000 as a full-time clinical nurse specialist and director of the RN Graduate Transition Program, where she trains new nurses in oncology.

Deborah Davis Huberfeld

Breast Cancer

Deborah Davis Huberfeld

Breast Cancer

In 1999, Deborah Davis Huberfeld and her husband, Stan, were busy running their own businesses and raising a pair of toddlers, Sarah (4) and Jesse (18 months). Not long after Stan sold his printing business and started working for the new owners, their lives turned upside down. Deborah noticed a bruise on her breast that wouldn’t go away, but there was no lump. “I had ropey breasts so I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary,” she said.

Amy Dysart

Breast Cancer

Amy Dysart

Breast Cancer

Amy Dysart's family had a history of breast cancer. In 1991, she was invited to join the newly formed Risk Assessment Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. She was also tested twic e to see if she carried the BRCA mutation that would predict an occurrence of breast cancer later in life. However, Amy tested negative both times, and she wanted answers. After joining an organization called Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE), Amy met other women in her same situation. Eventually, through further testing and genetic counseling, Amy learned that although she did not carry the particular gene mutation doctors can test for, there was probably another, unidentified gene mutation that ran in her family. At the age of 42, when she was not going to have any more children, Amy made the difficult decision to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction to prevent her from getting breast cancer. "I continue to be an active participant in the Risk Assessment Program. I’ve learned so much through the program, and it’s totally changed my outlook on cancer," she said. "I follow up each year and hope to help other women who are in my situation."


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Research Profile

Research Program

Research Interests

  • Risk Assessment Program Registry
  • Philadelphia Breast Cancer Family Registry
  • Improving the Estimation and Communication of Ovarian Cancer Risk among BRCA1/2 and Lynch Syndrome Carriers to Optimize Decision Making [Ovarian SPORE]
  • Translation of Genomics into Improvements in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • COGENT (Communicating Genetic Test Results by Telephone)
  • LEGACY (A cohort of youth in families from the Breast Cancer Family Registry)

The Risk Assessment Program at Fox Chase looks at your personal and possible inherited genetic factors that may put you at higher possibility for getting cancer. We comprehensively examine your profile for all cancer types, including — but not limited to — breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, prostate cancer, and melanoma. Knowing your risk helps you learn what you can do to lower your chances of getting cancer.

The Department of Clinical Genetics is built on the success of Fox Chase's Margaret Dyson Family Risk Assessment Program (now Risk Assessment Program), which Dr. Mary Daly began in 1991. A high-risk screening clinic was developed for individuals with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer. In addition to the clinic, genetic counseling was provided for both high risk and breast and ovarian cancer patients. As the clinic developed, it became clear that it was important to provide consultations for biopsy findings that put women at increased risk. Since then, Fox Chase has expanded risk assessment services to those at high risk for all cancers.

Lab Staff

Michael Hall, MD, MS

Director, Gastrointestinal Risk Assessment

Elias Obeid, MD, MPH

Breast, Ovarian, Prostate Risk Assessment

Agnes Masny, RN, MSN, CRNP

Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Schwartz, RN, MSN, CRNP

Nurse Practitioner

Susan Montgomery, RN, BSN, OCN

Clinical Genetics Nurse Navigator

Kim Rainey, MS, MEd, LCGC

Cancer Genetic Counselor

Michelle Savage, MS, LCGC

Cancer Genetic Counselor

Ruth Bingler, BS

Health Educator

Lisa Bealin, BS

Research Study Assistant

Yana Chertock, MA

Research Study Assistant

Honey Salador

Research Study Assistant

Joann Sicilia

Research Study Assistant


Selected Publications

Reese JB, Sorice K, Lepore SJ, Daly MB, Tulsky JA, Beach MC. Patient-clinician communication about sexual health in breast cancer: A mixed-methods analysis of clinic dialogue. Patient Education and Counseling, 102(3):436-42, 2019. PubMed

Terry MB, Daly MB, Phillips KA, Ma X, Zeinomar N, Leoce N, Dite GS, MacInnis RJ, Chung WK, Knight JA, Southey MC, Milne RL, Goldgar D, Giles GG, Weideman PC, Glendon G, Buchsbaum R, Andrulis IL, John EM, Buys SS, Hopper JL. Risk-Reducing Oophorectomy and Breast Cancer Risk Across the Spectrum of Familial Risk. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 111(3):331-4, 2019. PubMed

Frost CJ, Andrulis IL, Buys SS, Hopper JL, John EM, Terry MB, Bradbury A, Chung WK, Colbath K, Quintana N, Gamarra E, Egleston B, Galpern N, Bealin L, Glendon G, Miller LP, Daly MB. Assessing patient readiness for personalized genomic medicine. Journal of community genetics, 2018. PubMed

Daly, M., Dresher, C.W., Yates, M.S., Jeter, J.M., Karlan, B.Y., Alberts, D.S., Lu, K. “Salpingectomy as a Means to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk,” Cancer Prev Res 8(5):342-348, 2015. (PMCID: PMC4417454) PubMed

Hall, M.J., Forman, A.D., Montgomery, S.V., Rainey, K.L., Daly, M.B. “Understanding Patient and Provider Perceptions and Expectations of Genomic Medicine,” J Surg Oncol 111(1):9-17, 2015. (PMCID: PMC4286413) PubMed

Hall, M.J., Herda, M.M., Handorf, E.A., Rybak, C.C., Keleher, C.A., Siemon, M., Daly, M.B. “Direct-to-patient Disclosure of Results of Mismatch Repair Screening for Lynch Syndrome via Electronic Personal Health Record: a Feasibility Study,” Genet Med, 16(11):854-61, 2014. (PMCID: PMC4216634) PubMed

Ferris, J.S., Daly, M.B., Buys, S.S., Genkinger, J.M., Liao, Y., Terry, M.B. “Oral Contraceptive and Reproductive Risk Factors for Ovarian Cancer Within Sisters in the Breast Cancer Family Registry,” British Journal of Cancer, 110(4):1074-80, 2014. (PMCID: PMC3929882). PubMed

Chai, X., Friebel, T.M., Singer, C.F., Evans, D.G., Lynch, H.T., Isaacs, C., Garber, J.E., Neuhausen, S.L., Matloff, E., Eeles, R., Tung, N., Weitzel, J.N., Couch, F.J., Hulick, P.J., Ganz, P.A., Daly, M.B., Olopade, O.I., Tomlinson, G., Blum, J.L., Domchek, S.M., Chen, J., Rebbeck, T.R. “Use of Risk-reducing Surgeries in a Prospective Cohort of 1,499 BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers,” Breast Cancer Res Treat 148(2):397:406, 2014. (PMCID: PMC4224991) PubMed ... Expand

Additional Publications




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  • 5.0
    May 15, 2019
    I have returned to this provider for a VERY long time because she exceeds all my expectations.
  • 5.0
    May 14, 2019
    [...] Dr. Daly, [...], and [...] make me feel comfortable and welcome at Fox Chase. It's a positive experience to be there - This is very different from most facilities.
  • 5.0
    May 14, 2019
    Dr. Mary Daly -> excellent care.
  • 5.0
    May 12, 2019
    Doctor Daly and the staff always give exceptional care.
  • 5.0
    April 16, 2019
    Dr. Daly & [...] are, excellent.
  • 5.0
    April 15, 2019
    I travel 4 hours - one way to see Dr. Mary Daly - That's how much I value her opinion of my health.
  • 5.0
    March 05, 2019
    I needed a needle biopsy and Dr. Daly had them work me in that afternoon.
  • 5.0
    February 24, 2019
    Dr. Daly is very caring & an excellent doctor. She is worth a two hour round trip commute, without a doubt!
  • 5.0
    November 05, 2018
    Dr. Daly is outstanding, experienced & compassionate provider.
  • 5.0
    October 22, 2018
    I'm extremely grateful for the privilege of having Dr. Daly see me.
  • 5.0
    October 22, 2018
    Dr. Daly and [...], RN are both outstanding. They are kind, compassionate & good listeners. I have much confidence in their knowledge & expertise.
  • 5.0
    October 07, 2018
    No stress, easy, secure.

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