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I hope you take pride in your support of Fox Chase Cancer Center. We take pride in having you by our side as we continue to champion innovation and discovery.

  • Research

    Fox Chase is a national leader in bold cancer science, building on a distinguished history of groundbreaking discovery—from how cancer occurs to the latest treatment options.

    Barry Taitelman


    Your Impact on Research

    For patient Barry Taitelman, your support of research at Fox Chase matters. For him, it means being there for his grandson.

    After undergoing immunotherapy, a type of treatment where we use the body’s own immune system to recognize, attack, and kill cancer cells, Barry’s cancer is now undetectable.



    At Fox Chase, we diagnose and treat every kind of cancer and offer patients state-of-the-art and best practice treatments.

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    Your Impact on Treatment

    For Dr. Sanjay Reddy, a Fox Chase surgical oncologist specializing in pancreatic cancer, your support of treatment at Fox Chase matters. It means being able to give pancreatic cancer patients the best care possible from detection through survivorship – thereby extending lives.

    “Medicine has always been a family-oriented field for me, with my father being a surgeon, and mother an anesthesiologist,” says Dr. Reddy.  “I take great pride in offering compassion and honesty in formulating individualized treatment plans for every patient and their family.”

  • Prevention

    Fox Chase research teams develop and implement novel approaches to reducing cancer risk and enhancing cancer-related outcomes in both at-risk and cancer patients. This includes identifying factors (host, genetic, and environmental) that contribute to cancer risk.

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    Your Impact on Prevention

    Your Guide to Reducing your risk of skin cancer

    Can just one bad sunburn lead to skin cancer?
    See our insert [PDF]

    For Valerie, your support of prevention at Fox Chase matters. For her, it means being able to return to Bermuda and enjoy the sun – but in a way that protects her skin.

    After noticing changes to a mole on her arm, Valerie was treated at Fox Chase for melanoma. Doctors at Fox Chase worked with Valerie to develop a plan that helps her care for her skin while still enjoying sunny Bermuda.

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