Messages of Support


Kat Kramer learned the true value of community during her treatment for breast cancer at Fox Chase. The outpouring of compassion and support she received during her treatment inspired her to give back, so she began making neck pillows for patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

In the spirit of Kat’s selfless generosity, we reached out to the Fox Chase community and asked for messages of support that we could share with our patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment, alone and without the support of family members during COVID-19. The messages below reflect the hope and kindness shared by the Fox Chase community, letting our patients know that they are never alone.

Messages of Hope

We are here for you.


I know times may be hard, just know that you have all the skills necessary to come out on top! You got this, I believe in you! You are strong, resilient, tough, and most of all you are you!


I made it through 2 years of chemotherapy and monthly treatments in the Infusion Room at Temple-Northeast. I made it through the great help of the Infusion Nursing staff at Temple-Northeastern. By looking forward with hope. you will find the Light.


Be strong. The next step will be your best step.


Good luck today with your infusion. Even though you can't have a visitor with you, a lot of people care about you, like me! Better,happier days are ahead of you so as they used to say in the 70's, keep on truckin!


Going through chemo or radiation is difficult enough, but when you have to do it alone it is even more trying. Please know that I & many former patients & their families wish you well along your journey.


My heart goes out to you, prayers for a successful recovery! Try to stay strong.


Keep Fighting. I know this can be an extra hard time, but remember one thing, YOU are not alone! Stay strong and keep positive.


Hope, love and prayers coming your way. May God put his healing arms around you and keep you in his graces.


Even though you can't see us sitting beside you during this time, remember we will always be there, cheering you along the way.


First off, you're a hero! Please remember that and you're never alone. Continue to keep HOPE, LIGHT, LOVE in your life and allow that and your faith to keep you strong. Sending positive vibes. Be well in your mind and your body. Thinking of you! You ROCK!


My thoughts and prayers go out to all going through Chemo. I know what it is like to go through that treatment as I am a breast cancer survivor. But you all got this, your strong and a lot stronger than you might think. Hang in there!!


We are praying for you and we are sorry you have to go through this alone but you are never alone many people are praying for all those receiving health care and God be with you!

Anne and Wells

Stay strong you can do this.


In the words of Bruce Springsteen, "no retreat, no surrender". You can do this and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


My thoughts and prayers are with you. I experienced what you are going through and there are better and brighter days ahead.


Cancer gone 1 1/4 years. Thanks to jeff Farma and Fox Chase. Good luck and health to you.


To all of the brave men, women and children fighting a battle they didn't sign up for, you are not alone. Even though it may feel that way, especially in these social distancing times, you are never alone. We are praying for you.


Prayers & hugs to you so you don't feel alone.


Wishing you well!


Together we are stronger than ever!


You are strong, brave and will get through this hard time. You have awesome nurses who will be right there with you!


Hello and best wishes for your continued good health! You are in the best Cancer Center. The care and love is evident everywhere. I know because I have felt it as a patient, too. So be strong and stay positive!


The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about I am so sorry you have to be alone at this time. Just know there are many people thinking of you. Just feel the love that surrounds you.


I survived chemo and radiation. You will too.


We are all in this together, especially those of us fighting this battle. Keep the faith, stay positive and stay safe. WE GOT THIS!!!! You are in the best hands at Fox Chase.


Praying for Gods healing hands to bless you and heal you from all illness and disease. As a cancer patient myself, God has been with me every step of my journey, and HE will be with you too. Keep your faith strong in HIM.


Sending you strength and love during this difficult time and I am sorry you have to be alone while you are facing such difficult times..know that lots of people are thinking of you and wish they could be there with you.


"You never know how strong you can be until being strong is your only option." Hang in there. Sending you love, strength, and encouragement from afar.


Keep up your faith and spirits. Get well soon.


I know the physical and emotional ups and downs of chemotherapy. Some days you are managing minute to minute, or hour by hour. The good news is you will make it! Your caregivers at Fox Chase will give their all for you! With Love and peace


Stay strong, we are all thinking of you.


Please know that you are being thought about and prayed for as you face this challenging struggle. Be kind to yourself. You are in good care there at Fox Chase. I pray God's blessings on you and your caregivers/ family. Stay safe.


Just wanted to let all know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


You are not alone . I am praying for you everyday . May God give you strength and may you feel your guardian angel at your side. You got this! Faith,thope, and Trust. God Bless you.


You can do this!! I'm sure it's not easy but you're fighting a battle too and you're loved ones are sending you tons of strength even if they can't be there.


You are stronger then the disease!


At the end of the day all you need is love.


May God Bless you and know that people are praying for you.


A little over a year ago I was in your place with 6 weeks of radiation and during those 6 weeks- I also had 2 weeks daily of chemo. There is hope. I came out of my cancer fight doing great and so can you!! Never give up hope and keep fighting!!


10 years ago I was a breast cancer patient at Fox Chase- you will get through this and be stronger than before. Going through cancer treatment is a humbling experience but you are at an amazing facility and they will not let you down.


I have been in your shoes and owe my life to Fox Chase Cancer Center.I will be celebrating 15 years of remission this summer and keep all patients and staff in my prayers even after all this time.It is a hard and lonely journey but you are not alone.




Please pray for strength and healing as I will for you.


Wishing you all the best. Surrounding you with hugs & hope.


Lots of continued prayers for everyone


My thoughts and prayers go out to all the patients. Please stay strong and know that you're not alone.


During these crazy times, please know you are thought of and you are not alone. Better days to come so stay calm, positive and happy.


To you, fighting the battle, I want you to know that prayers are being sent on your behalf. "Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with Love. ~Anon. Bless you and your fight today!!!!


17 years ago I was there. It is very hard time but, FOX CHASE make it more easy for me and my family. Have faith.Everything it will OK. Antonia C


Sending thoughts and smiles your way to encourage you today.


The mind is a strong vessel, you must use it to get better. You must be and stay positive. The more positive you think, the better you will feel. I have seen it happen with my friend. Never give up hope, never let your guard down, be positive.


You chose the medical profession out of love to help others, AND KNOWING THAT TELLS ME YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU ARE HEROS!!


I am so sorry that you have to be there alone. Praying that your treatment is going well and that you will soon ring that bell! Keep Fighting!


Praying for you all and wishing you the best of luck with your treatments. Stay strong. Sending hugs to you all. Stay safe.


At the end of the day, all you need is hope and strength. Hope that you will get better and strength to hold on until it does.


Stay strong. May God Bless You.


Sending Prayers, white light, love, and strength to help you get through these times. You are not forgotten.


I too am a Cancer patient, so I know how you are feeling during these times. So I am sending you much Love and prayers. Close your eyes and find your peaceful place, take a couple deep breaths and relax.


Hoping everything goes good for you. It is a shame that the people you love can't be with you, but I am sure they are praying for you. Take care and hope you get better. Have a good day and take care and stay safe.


So sorry you are going through this, but you are not alone. I and others who have gone through this have been keeping you in our thoughts especially during these times. Stay strong, and know you are not alone in spirit.


I have shared your experience. You will get through this. It is a blessing that there is chemotherapy and radiation to help us get through this. We are able to think about positive thoughts and future happiness events.


While you're sitting without visitors during your treatment, please know that I'm either at my home or at my own hospital working, and thinking of each of you. Sending you peace, light, comfort, and hope for better times ahead. My heart is with you.


PRESS ON! No better place than FOX CHASE.


You got this! You are stronger than you think! Cheering you on every step of the way!


You are so strong and brave to be fighting this battle and know that you are an inspiration to others. Your fight gives motivation to those who didn't think they could fight.


Praying for you now. God bless you! Be strong!


Thinking of you during this challenging time! You are a fighter and we are all with you!


You are so wonderful and strong! Have a blessed day!!


Hello Warrior! I know this is an extremely difficult time right now. Especially having to go through it alone. It's even harder with the Pandemic. Just know you are loved. You can do this and will do this for yourself and loved ones. Be strong and conquer.


I am a FCCC patient too and recently finished chemotherapy so I know how you must be feeling now. Just take comfort in knowing that so many people are praying for you and supporting you in your journey and you are definitely not alone.


Be safe, you are in my thoughts & prayers.


Stay strong you beautiful souls!! I pray for your healing everyday


I have been with Foxchase for over 25 years, and I owe my life to them. I've had non Hodgkins lymphoma and multiple breast cancers. I am 83, and currently in remission from lymphoma and breast cancer free due to a mastectomy at age 80. I'm enjoying life!


Stay strong, Fox Chase is the best and you will be well taken care of.


We are cheering you on! The world is a better place because you are in it! Stay strong! Rock on!


You are a warrior and you will win the fight against cancer and be better than ever. This hard time you are going through will pass. From 12 yr breast cancer& 5yr sarcoma survivor. I feel great. Life is good.


You are all warriors! Know that I am thinking of you and wish you the best through a doubly hard time. I can't wait until you are able to see your family and friends again. Stay strong!!


Be strong and hang in there! It's definitely scary to feel like you are along going through treatment but you are not! You have your friends and family rooting for you from afar and over the phone. You also have amazing staff helping you get through this!!!


Be assured that you have the cream of the crop nurses in the infusion room. They will care for you like their own family.

Mary Alice

Just like my husband when he was in the infusion room, your strength and grace shines thru.


I know this is a very difficult time for you, even in the best of circumstances, but please know that we are with you on your journey and praying for complete recovery for you with your cancer treatments.


You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


You are strong and you are loved. This too shall pass... you got this!!

Tom & Carman

Sending hope, well wishes, and prayers to you and your family from ours.


Keep your eyes on the prize! This is one step of many. Best wishes!


Having been through treatment for cancer 6 years ago, I know first hand that this is a very difficult time. Hang in there. It can be done. Stay safe during this pandemic, isolate and please wear masks.


18 yr Breast Cancer Survivor thanks to the amazing doctors, nurses and staff at FCCC. You are in good hands and prayers are being sent your way! Stay strong and safe.


I had the experience of being with my mother during her chemo treatments, so know that I am virtually holding your hand, getting you a blanket or a drink of water! Sending healing thoughts your way.


My friend recently beat cancer, and I just want you to know that there's always hope and that you WILL beat it! Best of wishes, stay safe and stay healthy!


My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. But believe me You are not alone for Jesus will put his ever Loving arms around you and Lift you up .


You are Treasured... You are Loved... You are Missed... and You are Going to Recover! Praying for your recovery and return to your family and friends! You are stronger than you think!


You got this!! You have the strength within you to do this! Your strength and faith will conquer any struggle placed in front of you! Know that!


Be brave and strong you can do this, know I am praying for you.


Stay strong. I remember when my mom went through Chemo. The nurses were some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Though your family can not be there with you, you are in great hands as these are special men and women that deliver this treatment.


You can do it. Everyone is behind you in your treatment. God bless you. You are going to bet this beast.


You're a warrior, never forget that! You are strong and resilient, and even if we aren't always by your side during this time, you have an entire army here to support you! Part of you army is here, cheering you on from Collegeville PA! Sending our love!


"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -- Christopher Robin Hope this message finds you well. Keep up the fight!


Allow everyday to be what it is, knowing it has a beginning, middle, and end. These days will pass and fade into a brighter future. I am a 2 time survivor and have lived 34 years. This is my experience. Have faith!


Be Brave. Hang in there. My prayers are with you.


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