Messages of Support

Kat Kramer learned the true value of community during her treatment for breast cancer at Fox Chase. The outpouring of compassion and support she received during her treatment inspired her to give back, so she began making neck pillows for patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

In the spirit of Kat’s selfless generosity, we reached out to the Fox Chase community and asked for messages of support that we could share with our patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment, alone and without the support of family members during COVID-19. The messages below reflect the hope and kindness shared by the Fox Chase community, letting our patients know that they are never alone.

Messages of Hope

PRESS ON! No better place than FOX CHASE.


Hope, love and prayers coming your way. May God put his healing arms around you and keep you in his graces.


Keep your head up! You got this and this too shall pass!!! We are thinking of you and wish you Happy Days!!!


You are so wonderful and strong! Have a blessed day!!


Keep a positive outlook & you will have a positive outcome! ]


I am so sorry that you are physically alone today but rest assured that you are not alone emotionally! I am thinking about you and with you in spirit! You are so STRONG! There are better days ahead! Sending a virtual hug!


Sending you hugs and positivity! Staying strong during this time is tough but everyone is rooting for you and you've got this!


You're stronger than you think. You're not alone. I may not know you but I care about you. You've got this!


My thoughts and prayers go out to all the patients. Please stay strong and know that you're not alone.


You are stronger than you know! We are thinking of all of you who have to go though this right now. Fox Chase is THE BEST! They will help you get through this, you got this.


May God Bless you and know that people are praying for you.


With you in spirit as you fight your battle. God Bless You - you got this!!!


As a survivor, I understand the trauma of chemo. People love and care for you.


You are so strong and brave to be fighting this battle and know that you are an inspiration to others. Your fight gives motivation to those who didn't think they could fight.


Keep on fighting! My mom just had her last chemo treatment at Fox Chase in February. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. Sending love and good thoughts to everyone fighting this right now. You've got this!


We pray for you all in your battle against cancer. You are not alone. We have been in that very room. May you know there are others thinking of you and wishing for your recovery.


Please know that God, your medical team, and you, working together, can bring your body, mind, and spirit back to full health.


You can do it! You do not fight alone! You are in the best of hands at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Renee Michele

I am so sorry you have to go through your treatments alone. Stay strong. You have the love and support of many people like me and you have the best doctors and nurses to help you. You rock!!!


Stay strong Super Heroes!! You inspire us every day with your extraordinary smiles, faith, and love of life! You make living extraordinary look ordinary!


Please know that you are in my prayers! Stay strong, fight with every thing you've got.


May you stay safe and strong as you fight your personal battle to regain your health during these uncertain times. Holding you in the Light.


Better days are coming soon. The knowledge at Fox Chase to treat your cancer is superior. You are loved and will be a stronger person for these challenges.


We are thinking of you and praying that you stay safe during this time!


Been there, done that. You can do it too.


Praying for Gods healing hands to bless you and heal you from all illness and disease. As a cancer patient myself, God has been with me every step of my journey, and HE will be with you too. Keep your faith strong in HIM.


Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you go through treatment.


Thinking of you and wrapping you in a warm, virtual hug. Take comfort from the wonderful caregivers who are there with you. God bless you on this journey with healing and renewed good health. After your treatment, cherish the peace and goodness of home.


Times are tough, but you are tougher. You are loved, get better soon.


You were given this life because YOU are strong enough to live it! Sending all the positive vibes your way. You will get through this.


I was an inpatient at FCCC last year for 6 weeks of chemotherapy then 3 weeks of outpatient radiation. Take comfort knowing that you are being cared for at one of the best facilities in this country and that others are thinking of you! Stay strong!


Stay strong! I know times are uncertain but just know I am rooting for you and hope you have a easy and safe rest of your journey!


Thinking of you during your fight.


My beautiful wife Eileen has be going to Fox Chase since late October. Fox Chase has been so good in helping her and we were there 2 weeks ago this coming Wednesday and we feel and love all of the patients and health care workers.


I just had my last chemotherapy today. First treatment was November 11. Hang in there. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes to all.


Hope you are healing! Thinking of you and sending well wishes.


Be strong. There are angels here who will take care of you. Remember , this too shall pass and you are not along . Positive thoughts and prayers coming to you.


I am with you 100% as were others with my mother when she was in treatment many years ago, multiple times. We are all one big Fox Chase Family and are always pulling for each and every one of you. Stay strong, one day closer to remission.


Thinking about you and wanting you to know that you are not alone. If I could be there to hold your hand, I would be.


Although your loved ones or friends cannot be there with during this time of COVID 19, remember they are with you in thought and prayer as we all are. Sending love and positive energy.


Just keep swimming!!! You got this!!!


These are challenging times. You are resilient. May you find hope and comfort in a loving touch, a cheery phone call, the sunshine and flowers of Spring, your favorite song: the things of life that help you feel good. Sending healing thoughts your way!


My husband had chemo 4 years ago for bladder & lung cancer. When the treatments are over it will be your turn to ring that bell!! You are in good hands at Fox Chase. Please know you are in our thoughts & prayers.


You got this! You are a strong warrior who can fight this battle! Please know that so many people are standing beside you giving you their strength and willpower to help you continue your fight... STAY STRONG and MIGHTY! You are loved!


I have been with Foxchase for over 25 years, and I owe my life to them. I've had non Hodgkins lymphoma and multiple breast cancers. I am 83, and currently in remission from lymphoma and breast cancer free due to a mastectomy at age 80. I'm enjoying life!


As a society we seem to make heroes out of sports players and entertainers. I believe the real heroes as those who fight hard against an illness. Who don't give up! May your strength be fierce and your illness short!


Keep strong!! You are not alone. Many survivors are keeping you in their prayers.


Thinking of all of you today and always. A special hug goes to David April, who in his own way has brought hundreds, or thousands of people together to run and make friends. Big hugs to all of you, and stay healthy!


Going through chemo is always a hard battle, but I can only imagine how difficult it is with all that is going on now. But please know everyone is rooting for you from afar. You've got this! Kick cancer's ass!


You are AWESOME!Though you may be down right now,enjoy yourself!Whether that is watching your favorite TV show,saying hi to your favorite nurse,or eating some chocolate!I love to read and maybe you do to.I recommend Jamie Grimm. Hugs from afar :)


Things are tough for you now, but I know that you will get through your current challenges. Here's hoping that your strength and tenacity lead to a positive outcome. Please accept my best wishes for a full recovery.


I know the physical and emotional ups and downs of chemotherapy. Some days you are managing minute to minute, or hour by hour. The good news is you will make it! Your caregivers at Fox Chase will give their all for you! With Love and peace


First I'd like to say I'm sorry you have to go through this, but know that you are not alone. Your family, friends, and even total strangers (like me) are thinking and praying for you. Stay strong and hopeful.


God be with you during this doubly trying times. Keep your spirit strong. I will be praying for you.


I know this is a tedious process but believe in yourself. You are stronger than you think.


As an employee at Fox Chase, I see patients every day. You are all so pleasant and positive that you are an inspiration for me. Know that you are in my prayers every morning!


As you sit through another treatment, remember that you matter--your life matters, your perspective, your love, and your being matters. You are in the hearts and prayers of so many. May you feel the love.


I know from experience how hard it can be to go through treatment. The staff at Fix Chase got me through treatment with love and care Interesting that I typed Fix. Yes they did Fix me Good luck. Keep a positive attitude. Find laughter where you can Laugh.


Comfort, courage, love. Wishing you strength and peace.


As a breast cancer survivor of 9 years and a patient at Fox Chase, I send you wishes of strength and the ability to enjoy life as much as you can during this difficult time. I am so grateful for Fox Chase!


Good luck today with your infusion. Even though you can't have a visitor with you, a lot of people care about you, like me! Better,happier days are ahead of you so as they used to say in the 70's, keep on truckin!


You have such strength within you! You will persevere through tough times. Many wishes of good will and healing are being sent your way.


Keeping you in my prayers and sending you strength through this difficult time! Take care and be safe!


Stay strong! You will beat this! God Bless you!


When things get tough as they sometimes do, remember everyone is pulling for you. Believe in yourself. Stay hopeful. Think positive even when it'a stretch. Always count your blessings both big and even when it's small.


When something bad happens you have 3 choices, you can let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you. I chose strengthen as I battle breast cancer. Stay positive and rely on your family and friends.


Sending good thoughts and positive energy your way. You are one step closer to your last treatment! Today's a little brighter because of you!


Don't lose hope. Keep fighting because if anyone can beat this, it's you.


I was in your shoes 11 years ago and I hope you know you are in good hands at Fox Chase. Please know you are not alone. Wishing you strength of body and spirit and the beauty of spring to touch your heart.


Hi! Please know that we are out here thinking of you. I can't pretend to know what you're going through. But you are in our thoughts and prayers. After this is over, you are going to shine.


Once you choose hope, anything's possible. Think positive and have faith.


Have faith! Stay strong!


I know not your life story What you have been through. I'm sending you these words and Prayers. We're sincerely thinking of YOU!


You can do it - you are a cancer warrior!! Stay strong. Prayers and positive energy to you!


Thinking of you during this time and always. My thoughts and prayers are with you her strength and hope.


Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for you during this challenging time. Stay strong, stay hopeful and prayerful. You are extraordinary! You are not alone in this journey. We are all cheering you on back to health. Many blessings.


May the Lord be with you and give you the strength that you need to fully recover. Stay strong.


In the words of Bruce Springsteen, "no retreat, no surrender". You can do this and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


You are in good hands at one of the best treatment centers in the world!! Picture yourself healed and completely healthy, down to the area being treated. Picture it vibrant with health. Hold that thought and focus on it. You are brave and victorious!!


Hugs to ALL! We are praying for you.


Hi. I'm thinking of you and hope your treatment goes quickly & smoothly. You are definitely in my thoughts & prayers. Know that you are at the best place and it great hands! Take care.


I can't imagine how difficult it is going through treatment, especially when you can't have your friends and family there with you. Stay strong and positive! Know that you have many people cheering you on in spirit.


Hi everyone! Keep a positive attitude! Be silly! Be crazy! Laugh out loud so that people look and wonder what you're laughing about and then laugh louder! Make them wonder what you're up to!


I'm sending prayers and hugs to patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center.


To everyone there, you have an excellent staff taking care of you. My mom was there awhile back and they were so kind.


You are a warrior now more than ever. When you are faced with adversity you persevere! I am so inspired by your fight. You got this. Breathe in deep knowing that you are loved and we are pulling for you!


You are special. You are loved. You are a child of God. HE will never leave you. Never give up Hope. I prayed and believed and am cancer free. Take one day at a time... God Bless.


Sending you all the strength and love you need today! Nothing worth it is ever easy and kicking cancers butt isn't easy BUT you are DOING IT!!


I can't imagine how hard it is to be separated from your family during this time but I want to assure you that the staff at Fox Chase are absolutely awesome and will take amazing care of gpu! Sending prayers for healing!


Stay strong and know that even though we aren't there in the chair beside you, we are thinking of you and holding you in our heart!


I am there with you in spirit. I am undergoing chemo at a hospital near me but have had procedures at Fox Chase and their staff is amazing. Know those who cannot be with you physically are with you in spirit and know that I wish you strength and healing.


Thank you to Dr. Hall and his staff and to all the infusion nurses and staff. I cannot thank you enough for being there fo r all of us. You rock!!


I too am a Cancer patient, so I know how you are feeling during these times. So I am sending you much Love and prayers. Close your eyes and find your peaceful place, take a couple deep breaths and relax.


Prayers being sent your way. YOU will get through this!!


I know how important it is to have friends and loved ones around you during this time. May you feel in your heart in this very moment, the love and care, flooding your way. Be strong! Be Blessed!


Stay strong. I am a head and neck cancer survivor. You can do this.


Stay positive, stay strong, stay hopeful, even when you don't feel like it. I've been where you are, in that very same room, & it makes a difference if you stay positive. Enjoy the little things.


Stay strong we will all get through this keep fighting!!


You got this!


Hang on, hold tight-- God has good things in store---things to bring a breathless, contented smile to your heart.


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