Virtual Tree of Life Messages

Tree of Life 2020

The Tree of Life Celebration is a special program to honor those touched by cancer. Each year, members of the Fox Chase community including patients, families, friends and staff share messages to honor loved ones, pay tribute to caregivers, and support fellow cancer patients. While we normally share these messages as "leaves" on a tree, this year’s event was held virtually so we’re sharing them online. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping to continue the Tree of Life tradition.

2020 Tree of Life

Dear cancer patients, Make sure to live life to the fullest. Also, make sure to smile. It takes more muscles in your face to frown than it does to smile. Have an amazing day!! :)


My Mother, Judith Van Meter; was a long time patient at Fox Chase where she was treated for Multiple Myeloma. THANK YOU to the doctors and staff that cared for her. Sadly, my Mother passed away on November 8, 2020.


Following a recommendation from Johns Hopkins for radiation treatment, I experienced excellent doctors, nurses and support personnel at Fox Chase Cancer Center. After 8 years, I remain cancer free. You made a great choice in coming to Fox Chase.


"Each life is a miracle that changes the world for the better "


There is always a rainbow after a storm, it may be hard right now but it'll get better.


Good luck to all patients of Fox Chase Cancer Center. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! To all, I hope 2021 is a special year for everyone. Thank you to all the doctor's and nurses and staff that provide top notch professional care for all of us.


My husband was a Patient at Fox Chase being treated for metastatic prostate cancer. All the staff in every department were so compassionate & caring. I recommend Fox Chase to everyone as the go to place for cancer treatment. Thank you !


I am grateful to my wonderful doctor, Rosalia Viterbo, who has been the best doctor for me since 2008 through my fight with recurring bladder cancer. She is great and for the last 3 years, no more cancer!


Patients, you are strong and courageous. Positivity and strength will help you get through a difficult time. We are so grateful for our survivors and caregivers helping other patients through the Patient to Patient Network. Thank you.


Wish everyone a safe holiday


You are so strong! I hope your holiday is filled with joy, love, and family! Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays!


Doctors, nurses, caregivers, volunteers, and many more, thank you for all that you do. I hope that all of you working plus the people fighting have the strength and courage to get through each and every day. We support you along this tough journey.


Never give up. I have lost loved ones to cancer, but they never gave up. You must fight, fight and then fight. I have a sister who has been battling breast cancer and I believe that she will win her battle; because she is a fighter and won't give up.


Celebrating 10 years cancer free in 2020 thanks to FCCC!! Keep fighting so you will be able to do the same in 2030!! Sending positive thoughts and prayers to all of you for a speedy recovery and many healthy years ahead.....Patrice Loehle


Never give up hope!


In honor of pioneering science educator Morris Meister, we support scientific research, like that done at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and the scientific approach to discovering who we are and to understanding the context of our existence. -Jonny Meister


27 years and counting (1993)! Cannot thank you enough for all the memories and family time accumlated over those 27 years. To: Ons Coney Langer, Marcia Bonos, Norm Rsenblum, Minlhuya Ngygen, and Cynthia Bergman and their teams, my sincere gratitude and thanks. Love you all! (My apologies if I forgot anyone. Thank you)

Norman & Patricia

To our dear Son-in-law, Jamie Brett~ You are our Hero! You beat cancer with the help of Fox Chase and it's dedicated doctors, like Dr. Reddy. Please keep getting stronger and start the New Year with a renewed feeling of strength, well being. Love you!


Keep up the fight, thinking of you all!


I was diagnosed with breast cancer March 2019. For those challenging days I was able to lean on family for support. The nurses at Fox Chase were so instrumental during treatment dAys. Take one day at a time. You can do it. Stay positive !!!


My patients are my inspiration and hope. They give me a reason to wake up each morning and return to Fox Chase. They are courageous and are thrivers and survivors. Sending my love to my patients and their families.


Thank you for all you do for all family members that are also impacted by this disease. You will never know the appreciation.


Hi, My prostate cancer diagnosis took me to Dr Horwitz and his team. The care through testing and treatment was professional and compassionate.And was successful. Yes, I rang the bell. From security to the doctors to the girls in radiation. TY. TY


Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, first responders, and other healthcare workers who have toiled tirelessly to care for their patients and the community. To those of you fighting, I hope you may recover soon. I believe in you.


Continue to wish upon a star while keeping the faith, because anything is possible when you believe. Donna Andro/Clopp :)


Keep up the fight! Your in great hands! Fox Chase helped my Omi fight and gave her more time with me! Fox Chase was a bright light in our life during the dark days.


Wishing you peace during these special holidays. You are loved. Merry Christmas!


My name is Albert. I work in the Operating Room and touch the lives of the individuals I see every day. Surgical Oncology works tirelessly each day to improve the quality of life and reduce the burden of your disease. We fight for you.


Fox Chase Cancer Center saved my life. You are in good hands.


As cancer survivors ourselves, we are so very grateful to the medical professionals and staff at FCCC. We owe our lives to Drs. Boorjian, Kutikov, Viterbo, Sigurdson and Vijayvergia. FCCC's commitment to compassionate care makes it special.


My message is very simple: if not Fox Chase, I wouldn't be alive today. Thanks to you, guys, especially Dr. Bauman and Nurse Practitioner Creamer, I can enjoy life and my 2 year old great-granddaughter. Thank you very much.


You are stronger than you think and braver than you could ever imagine <3


Continue on your healing path..knowing that you have survivors like myself supporting you along the way! With God's blessings and the Universe you shall overcome! Stay vigilant and faithful. Stay blessed & be well!


Fox Chase saved my life. I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. If it wasn't for them I would not be here today. Thank you Fox Chase


Thank you for saving my wife's, Carolyn life. Where you start, really does matter!!


Remembering John F. Hughes III with love this Christmas and always. Keeping the Mathis & Lanza albums playing to teach the kids what you knew. With continued gratitude to Dr. Richard Greenberg for more time.


God bless all the people who have cancer And all the people who had cancer in the past god be with them in there prayes which I had lung cancer five yeares free thank god for fox chase


To many of you fighting with cancer, it is so important for you to know you are in the hands of wonderful staff at Fox Chase. 30 years ago, I put my trust in their caring expertise and positive encouragement and every day I thank God I was under their care. Know you are in good hands.


Please wear a mask, wash your hands, distance socially and no indoor gathering.


Stay Strong


Felicia your strength through your journey has been encouraging to our family. You fight so hard everyday and we love you so much for that. All of us support you forever. Keep up the good work and continue to fight the fight. I love you so much Love Kevin


We keep you in our prayers always. Keep fighting as you will win this battle. Love to you all.

Mary Lou

Where you start DOES matter! You know your body better than anyone. If you feel something isn't right, get it checked. Never give up, never. Even when you feel you can't do anymore, keep on fighting. You are stronger than you know and loved by so many.


Believe in yourself that you will get well and that you will get through this. All the wonderful doctors nurses and support staff believe in you getting well and they do everything they can to make that a reality. Always keep your smile. I have!!!


May God bless Dr. Kutikov, the nurses and entire Fox Chase Cancer Center staff. May he watch over you always as you continue give hope to countless individuals like myself who have benefited from your unmatched experience, skill, success and compassion.


Listen to your doctors and health care professionals and you will defeat cancer. I pray that you get well and stay well!!


Joey Rivera !!! You're the strongest person I know I love you and you got this !!!! Love you bro !!!


Cancer has no power here. Keep eating anyway, keep getting out of bed anyway, keep taking a walk anyway, keep praying anyway, keep the faith anyway, keep taking vitamins and minerals anyway, keep fighting anyway. Don't give it power.


As an employee and the child of a current patient I cannot say enough good things about FCCC. My dad has received amazing care and it has inspired me in how I interact with other patients and their families.


I would like everyone to be aware that you are all so strong! Every day you are getting closer and your strength inspires me! Everyone is in my prayers and I am here for you. Know that you are not alone and that so many people care about you.


Patients of cancer, I know that things can be hard sometimes but never lose hope! Hope is something that you can't lose, even when despair is at its peak. If something doesn't work out, that means that there is something better that can be done. Be well!


In honor and in memory of my father Richard Geder. Who fought so hard but lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.


In memory of Bradford Ward.




In loving memory of Maria Zakola. Rest well, my friend.


Live long and prosper!!!! Stay strong you have the power to fight this!!!


I thank God for the gifted hands and loving heart of Dr. Ridge!


Please remember Thomas in your thoughts and prayers and giving him the strength and courage to fight this dreadful disease.

Colleen & Thomas

I am proud to support individuals going through everyon'es journey in the fight for this devasting disease. Love and prayers to all.


I would like to thank all the doctors and nurses for the wonderful care my husband received during his fight to beat this horrible decease. Sadly the cancer won the battle on November 24th. Continue to fight and one day we can say we kicked cancer's butt


In memory of Thomas Uesey.


In memory of my mother-in-law, Mary Agnes Heron, who still is close to my heart.


I was diagnosed with lung cancer and lost a half lung that was 2010 I am still kicking and get out with my 3 labrador Retrievers every day. I fi Can do it when I was 64b can also may God Bless you. Please do not let it get you down. I did it all by myself


I would like to honor Mike Cross.


Yes you can! People you don't even know are cheering for you and sending you many hugs and much love. X


As a two-time cancer survivor, I owe my life to Fox Chase. I encourage all current cancer patients to never give up the fight. At times, it may seem like cancer is winning, but if you have the will power and faith to fight it, you will win at the end.


In memory of Ralph McKee.


I'm sending my donation in memory of my husband, William E. Loughery, who passed in 1990. He was a courageous man who fought till the very end because of Fox Chase was given experimental treatments. That was 30 years ago and cancer treatment to have come a long way. Please keep up your fight to beat cancer. God bless!


FCCC,Thank you for everything you have done for me. My four years of experience at FCCC will be engraved in my heart for life time. please take care of yourself. I hope you and your team stay well and be safe in this unusual year.


In memory of my mother, Antrinette Mastrageovenni.


Thank you for curing me of colon cancer twenty-five years ago.

Theodore & Karen

In gratitude to the doctors and nurses who have provided me and others such good care and in memory for those who fought the good fight.


Jessica Pastelnick my daughter. My hero. My heart and soul. Some very hard days and years But you put on your crown and kicked ass. I am proud to be your mom.


I can't imagine getting care. Thank you Fox Chase.


Thank you to every single person that has risked your lives in this terrible time; all of you deserve everything good that comes your way. To those of you who have lost and those of you who are still fighting, always remember that hope never cedes.


Thanks to the wonderful staff and to all patients, stay postive and embrace the beauty of the season. Be strong and remain hopeful.


Best wishes to everyone suffering with cancer. I hope all goes well with your recovery. Stay strong!


May God Bless All those who have cancer. May He give them the strength to continue to fight it and to Stay Strong and Positive! May God Bless All Medical Personnel and Caregivers who help those to be survivors! Heavenly Angels watch over all of us!


Just keep your hand in GOD'S Loving Hands!


Keep up the good health care and treatments for all your patients. You have made my life a lot more hopeful with your treatment and care.


Hang in there, all will be great. Take it one day at a time. Your are in the best hospital possible. They saved my life. From stage 4, Pancreatic cancer. Almost 11 years now. Still going.


Thank God for Lydia's care at Fox Chase.


You have all chosen the best place to start. The staff is all so great its hard to pick one but here goes. 10 years ago I met Dr Greenburg who suggested Dr Horwitz in radiation, well the seed infusion was a sucess and I'm going strong 10 years later.


Wishing everyone in the Fox Chase family love, good health, and peace of mind in 2021!


Never give up hope.


May we all be cured of cancer.


HOPE - that word was always in my mind when I was fighting through my treatments for stage 3c ovarian cancer. Fox chase gave me hope by finding a clinical trial for me when chemo wasn't working. Stay strong and carry on!


In times like these hope and strength are very valuable qualities. Please know that you are doing the best you can and have many people supporting you and your loved ones. Let it be hope that you can get through even the toughest times!


Everyday is a gift! You are strong and you've got this. Keep up the good fight. I'm cheering for you and you are loved!


I was diagnosed with renal cancer in May of 2015. I am now 5 years cancer free thanks to the staff at Fox Chase but more importantly Dr. Kutikov.


I am so happy and thrilled that my wife, Beth, has been going to Fox Chase for her cancer and chemo treatments. Under Dr. Rubin and Kathy's guidance it has been going very well for her.Bless your team and have a very Merry Christmas and New Year.


I was diagnosed wrongly where I live and found out from Fox Chase the right diagnosis and was treated successfully in 2012!!!!!! I love The doctors and nurses at Fox Chase!


In memory of Rudolph W. Bety, Sr.


I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in 2017 And in April 2019 went into remission. I fought hard and never gave up! Always keep fighting and never ever give up!!


"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." -- Elf If you're feeling down this Christmas season, turn on some carols and shamelessly jam out! Sending lots of love during these difficult times :)


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec, 2018. I had a mastectony of the right breast on Feb 2019. I also had a reconstruction at the same time. I am now a year and a half cancer free and on a drug to keep from getting cancer again. I had Doctor's that were fantastic at Fox Chase still see them today. Thank you.


God bless everyone whose lives cancer has impacted. I am proud to work at Fox Chase supporting our amazing scientists and their cutting edge research, which I hope one day will eradicate this awful disease.


To life. Live and let live.


Dear survivor, I am so proud of you, for you to be able to fight for this long and still hold a smile on your face. The amount of courage it take for a person to go through something like this amazes me. I will now live my life thinking of your courage an


Stay strong and positive!!


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