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Tree of Life 2020

The Tree of Life Celebration is a special program to honor those touched by cancer. Each year, members of the Fox Chase community including patients, families, friends and staff share messages to honor loved ones, pay tribute to caregivers, and support fellow cancer patients. While we normally share these messages as "leaves" on a tree, this year’s event was held virtually so we’re sharing them online. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping to continue the Tree of Life tradition.

2021 Tree of Life

In memory of Charles Logan and in support of all cancer patients and their families.


Thank you to all the caregivers who take care of the patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center! All your hard work doesn't go unrecognized and everyone appreciates you! Happy Holiday's to everyone at Fox Chase Cancer Center!


I was diagnosed with lung cancer and lost a half lung that was 2010 I am still kicking and get out with my 3 labrador Retrievers every day. I fi Can do it when I was 64b can also may God Bless you. Please do not let it get you down. I did it all by myself


I wish the whole Fox Chase family health and happiness for the holidays and year round! Your care and dedication eased my stress during my biggest challenge ever! It allowed me to focus on healing. Now I am grateful for each day that I am alive!


NEVER stop fighting and ALWAYS pray; this is YOUR life, we all only have one.


Good luck to all patients of Fox Chase Cancer Center. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! To all, I hope 2021 is a special year for everyone. Thank you to all the doctor's and nurses and staff that provide top notch professional care for all of us.


In memory of my mother-in-law, Mary Agnes Heron, who still is close to my heart.


Just got the phone call that I am in remmisiiion...thank you Dr king and Howell for you you did for me


Fox Chase saved my life. I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. If it wasn't for them I would not be here today. Thank you Fox Chase


You provided the best care for my uncle Thomas Mathews who unfortunately left us on December 21, 2018. He will always be remembered as the loving and most caring uncle I could have ever asked for. RIP


Prayers and blessing to all. Keep faith - hope - for COVID-19 - to go away! Keep fighting cancer - believing - miracles happen and with God, all things are possible. Merry Christmas!

Doris & Barry

With exquisite care from my amazing Fox Chase physicians and staff, I am now 8 years free from three serious cancers. The road may be difficult to travel, but... There is always hope.


Wishing everyone health, hope, and happiness this holiday season. And a special thank you to all of our angels, especially Dr. Angela Jain, Annie Zavitsanos, Sarah, and Mary Anne in IR. Suzanne loved you all and I will never forget your kindness.


Our message is in memory of Lori's mom, Margaret Evans. FCCC gave Peggy ten years of quality life after diagnosis of lung cancer. We are grateful to Drs. Goldberg, Earl King and Millenson, as well as the nurses and staff who provided her care.


Dear Fox Chase Patient, There is HOPE! YOU have the support of the knowledgeable Fox Chase staff, family, friends, and cancer survivors who deeply care for YOU, are praying for YOU, and are cheering YOU on to good health! Stay strong and positive!


In honor of my Husband James Toska, a dedicated employee of FCCC and who lost his kid to pancreatic cancer, I wish all of you hope and love in your survival and battle!


Don't allow a Cancer diagnosis to determine your end.. Vow to fight to Win. You are at the right place Fox Chase Cancer Center


Everything takes time. Never take your life for granted and keep going. My husband's CTscans were stable for one year. Then the cancer began to shrink...and continues to shrink. We are hopeful and thankful for everyday. Thank u staff


Thank you so much all of the health care workers for coming in and continue to do their very best. I and so many others are so very grateful. I give my condolences to those who have lost their lives cancer. I wish the best for those still fighting.


Thank you for curing me of colon cancer twenty-five years ago.

Theodore & Karen

This message is not for a patient. I am a patient of Dr. Stephanie King. I am a uterine cancer survivor. Due to the care and compassion of Dr. King I feel blessed that she is my doctor. I feel that she gave me back my life.


As cancer survivors ourselves, we are so very grateful to the medical professionals and staff at FCCC. We owe our lives to Drs. Boorjian, Kutikov, Viterbo, Sigurdson and Vijayvergia. FCCC's commitment to compassionate care makes it special.


My father, Ron Horan, spent a good deal of his cancer battle at Fox Chase, I spent a week there, me mother continues her treatment, as well as a friend. Stay strong, lots of people are thinking of you!


My husband was diagnosed with GIST when he was 53 and thanks to FCCC he is now 80. He has been through many surgeries and has had liver cancer for 8 years while on a chemo pill. FCCC has kept him alive and is always there for him. They are wonderful!


I am so grateful for the care and support I received at Fox Chase! Remember to stay strong and positive! Remember you are not alone!


Blessings to all! "He who believes in the Son has eternal life."


Never give up. I have lost loved ones to cancer, but they never gave up. You must fight, fight and then fight. I have a sister who has been battling breast cancer and I believe that she will win her battle; because she is a fighter and won't give up.


My message is very simple: if not Fox Chase, I wouldn't be alive today. Thanks to you, guys, especially Dr. Bauman and Nurse Practitioner Creamer, I can enjoy life and my 2 year old great-granddaughter. Thank you very much.


We will beat this disease. Thank you Fox Chase.


I am grateful to my wonderful doctor, Rosalia Viterbo, who has been the best doctor for me since 2008 through my fight with recurring bladder cancer. She is great and for the last 3 years, no more cancer!


I want to say thank you to the staff at FCCC, in particular, Dr. Tom Galloway & Dr. Anshu Giri. I can't say enough about their compassion and dedication. I am so grateful to them & everyone at FCCC for my treatment. Happy Holidays to all!


In loving memory of my son, George E. McFall, Jr., who passed away in 2018.


As a two-time cancer survivor, I owe my life to Fox Chase. I encourage all current cancer patients to never give up the fight. At times, it may seem like cancer is winning, but if you have the will power and faith to fight it, you will win at the end.


Please don't forget that each and every one of you are loved and don't stop fighting!


Fox Chase is the best place to be if you have cancer! I trust my doctor, her staff and everyone here! They are all amazing and knowledgeable! Be positive, make yourself first and read info to help yourself during cancer care! Trust in God and pray!


You are strong we love you keep it up love Nevin and mom


I would like everyone to be aware that you are all so strong! Every day you are getting closer and your strength inspires me! Everyone is in my prayers and I am here for you. Know that you are not alone and that so many people care about you.




My husband was a Patient at Fox Chase being treated for metastatic prostate cancer. All the staff in every department were so compassionate & caring. I recommend Fox Chase to everyone as the go to place for cancer treatment. Thank you !


Where you start really matters! Dr. John Daly & Fox Chase saved my life!


I have been a member of the Laurel Society of giving ($1000) for two years as a way of "putting my money where my mouth is." I feel that I walk on "sacred ground" when I come for my six week appointments.


Pray without ceasing while following your doctor's directions. Never give up.


This year has been tough for all of us. I'm hoping the road ahead won't be as rocky and that we can rise up. This holiday season, I just wish for the best and that those who are hurting and are struggling with illness find peace and health.


You are in the best care. Stay strong. My brother has had cancer three times and now is going through it again. He is a survivor. Fox Chase is the place to be for treatment of cancer. The doctors and staff are most compassionate people I have ever met.


Stay strong - keep the faith!


For my Mom, Dad, nephew and sister in law. And all who have died from Cancer. May they find a cure.For my daughter and daughter in law thank God for their cure.


I was diagnosed wrongly where I live and found out from Fox Chase the right diagnosis and was treated successfully in 2012!!!!!! I love The doctors and nurses at Fox Chase!


Thank you, Fox Chase staff, for your great work to advance cancer research and treatment!


Dear cancer patients, Make sure to live life to the fullest. Also, make sure to smile. It takes more muscles in your face to frown than it does to smile. Have an amazing day!! :)


Hope and prayers to all those who suffer this horrible disease.

Anne Marie

Hi, My prostate cancer diagnosis took me to Dr Horwitz and his team. The care through testing and treatment was professional and compassionate.And was successful. Yes, I rang the bell. From security to the doctors to the girls in radiation. TY. TY


Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, first responders, and other healthcare workers who have toiled tirelessly to care for their patients and the community. To those of you fighting, I hope you may recover soon. I believe in you.


Thanks to all at Fox Chase who supported my husband Paul Lang during his treatment for kidney and lung cancer - the staff are amazing and gave us the hope and expertise we needed. If you are still in treatment you are at the right place. Stay strong.


Trust your doctors & don't ever give up.


You are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Sending prayers.


Happy Holidays!!!!! I hope you all are feeling better and are able to enjoy the little things! The times are extremely unconventional and I am wishing you all the very best and that you are able to find joy in something this holiday season!


Keep fighting, our prayers are with you always.

Mary Lou & Ray

Wishing you all a merry Christmas but most importantly a healthy Christmas especially my uncle Mike while he receives his treatment.


Fox Chase hospital and all the caring supportive Doctors makes everyone who comes here feel hope and they are given the best care ever. You are not a statistic but a person who is respected and treated like a human being and not just a patient.


We are keeping patients, families, and caregivers close to our hearts this season. Know that you are not alone: so many people are sending positive thoughts and energy your way. With care!


"Each life is a miracle that changes the world for the better "


I chose Fox Chase in 08/2006, handed them my life. I am still kicking and screaming - 01/18/2021 will be 14 years. Do not give up, keep charging forward and fight. Positive energy and prayers to all of you.


After three years still fighting for survival. Thank you Fox Chase.


Where you start DOES matter! You know your body better than anyone. If you feel something isn't right, get it checked. Never give up, never. Even when you feel you can't do anymore, keep on fighting. You are stronger than you know and loved by so many.


Keep trying, stay safe, enjoy your family and friends.


This disease is curable and stoppable. Please remain hopeful and strong and always remember angels are watching over you.


FCCC has provided top notch level care to two of my girlfriends: Lydia Henson and Maureen Wurst. These ladies are cancer survivors. I thank God and FCCC.


Never stop fighting! Fox Chase is always behind you.

Lynne & William

Dear Breast Cancer Patient: I had breast cancer back in 2012. The news was shocking to me but I did get through the surgeries, radiation and 5 years on an anti estrogen pill. I'm now an 8.5 year survivor and doing really well. You can do this!


Stay strong. My daughter was a patient and had a double mastectomy and hysterectomy and by the grace of God she is doing well. Never give up Hope.


Never give up hope!


We keep you in our prayers always. Keep fighting as you will win this battle. Love to you all.

Mary Lou

Dear Diane, You are an amazing woman, one that I can't live without. You can do this again because you are a strong and determined woman. Don't stop fighting because I need you and our family needs Mimi too. We Love You to the Moon and Back!


God bless you with strength, peaceful moments and hope for recovery. And thanks to Fox Chase, Dr. Plimack and Colleen Tetzlaff and Jeanne Marie for your caring treatment for Don for 6 years. We are so grateful.


Wishing one and all my best wishes for a full recovery. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. I had a lumpectomy, radiation, and as of today I am considered cancer free. Keep fighting. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!


You are loved by us. Our thoughts and prayers are offered up for you!


I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in 2017 And in April 2019 went into remission. I fought hard and never gave up! Always keep fighting and never ever give up!!


I am grateful for Doctor's like Dr. Steven Rubin who carefully diagnosed my physical condition and successfully operated on me eleven years ago for cancer of the uteris!


You know that the fight will be hard, but you know that you have a whole team supporting you along the way. Of course your family and loved ones, but also, importantly the people of Fox Chase, Doctors, nurses, technicians who will share your journey.


Fox Chase is my safe place. I never thought I would describe a cancer center that way. Drs. Sigurdson, Winn and Topham not only saved my life but brought me back to life! I will be grateful to all of them and their amazing staff always!


Dearhearts, please stay encouraged and don't you fret. You will be amazed who the Creator will send you to rescue you in your time of need. Know that there is a mind-body-spirit connection, so think positively and hold onto the shield of hope. Tight hugs.


Stay strong and positive!!


In loving memory of my brother, George E. McFall, Jr., who passed away in 2018.


When I received treatments in the Infusion Clinic I was politely asked whether I had Cancer. I admit to say that I did not and felt bad about any comparison to my condition. Instead, I offer prayers of encouragement for no diagnose is a losing battle.


This year's tree of life adds hope to every person affected by cancer. This year let's think of the reason we fight, for ourselves and our loved ones. Thank you to everyone who supports our individual journeys!


This year has taught us the need for family, friends, and any support system that we can find. Patients - I encourage you to keep fighting! Caregivers - I encourage you to keep changing the world! Everyone else - I encourage you to show endless empathy!


I would like to send you positive thoughts through these times and to let you know that I am thinking of you! What you are going through may seem tough but I know you're stronger than whatever you are facing. I hope you have a great holiday season!


I've been cancer free since 1998 thanks to Fox Chase and doctors.

Joan & Carl

Happy holidays everyone at Fox Chase! Every morning, you brave people get up and pick up your sword and shield to go fight another battle, which is something very special. Look at all the amazimg things you've done this year and enjoy your holidays!


Keeping all patients and caregivers in my thoughts and prayers.


I am a cancer survivor and my son is also, I send my love and encouragement to you all .we are warriors of a different kind but have fought a battle and won, I'm so proud of us and all of you, never stop fighting you will win!


Joey Rivera !!! You're the strongest person I know I love you and you got this !!!! Love you bro !!!


A very special thank you to Fox Chase and their amazing Doctors; Dr. Bleicher, Dr. Winn and Dr. Topham along with Zachary Hasse! You saved my life and the lives of so many others. Sending all of my love and sincere gratitude today and always.


Wishing you peace during these special holidays. You are loved. Merry Christmas!


Yes you can! People you don't even know are cheering for you and sending you many hugs and much love. X


Keep up the fight! Your in great hands! Fox Chase helped my Omi fight and gave her more time with me! Fox Chase was a bright light in our life during the dark days.


To Chris- We love you. Keep fighting.


I thank God for the gifted hands and loving heart of Dr. Ridge!


Stay Strong


My prayers to all to have a wonderful holiday season filled with courage, hope and love!!


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