Virtual Tree of Life Messages

Tree of Life 2020

The Tree of Life Celebration is a special program to honor those touched by cancer. Each year, members of the Fox Chase community including patients, families, friends and staff share messages to honor loved ones, pay tribute to caregivers, and support fellow cancer patients. While we normally share these messages as "leaves" on a tree, this year’s event was held virtually so we’re sharing them online. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping to continue the Tree of Life tradition.

2020 Tree of Life

I want to thank you for all you do as caregivers. I don't know if you know how much your everyday actions can leave a lasting memory for families.


Happy holidays everyone at Fox Chase! Every morning, you brave people get up and pick up your sword and shield to go fight another battle, which is something very special. Look at all the amazimg things you've done this year and enjoy your holidays!


To all those fighting, keep fighting, keep the faith and know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone who has fought and is still fighting. Susan Carpineta GIST Survivor 2017


In honor of my mother, Grace T. Fanning, who was treated successfully for breast cancer at FCCC.


Hope and prayers to all those who suffer this horrible disease.

Anne Marie

Thank God for Lydia's care at Fox Chase.


In memory of my sister-in-law who died 40 years ago.


Working at Fox Chase Cancer Center for 15 years I am still surprised at the strength and courage of our patients. I love you all and pray for you and are always there for you all. I will always laugh and cry with you, most of the time you make me laugh.


In gratitude to the doctors and nurses who have provided me and others such good care and in memory for those who fought the good fight.


I can't imagine getting care. Thank you Fox Chase.


Fox Chase is my safe place. I never thought I would describe a cancer center that way. Drs. Sigurdson, Winn and Topham not only saved my life but brought me back to life! I will be grateful to all of them and their amazing staff always!


In honor of John Plostnieks.


When I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphma, it seemed to me that the end was near. But excellent treatment from doctors at the Fox Chase Cancer Center helped change that. Not only did I recover, but I returned to work at age 69. Don't give up! Your or loved ones can recover too!


To life. Live and let live.


To our dear Son-in-law, Jamie Brett~ You are our Hero! You beat cancer with the help of Fox Chase and it's dedicated doctors, like Dr. Reddy. Please keep getting stronger and start the New Year with a renewed feeling of strength, well being. Love you!


Hello! I am sending you a big hug and lots of joy! You are so strong, and I believe in you! You are surrounded by so many people that love you and are supporting you each step of the way. I am thinking of you and sending lots of sunshine your way :)


God bless all the people who have cancer And all the people who had cancer in the past god be with them in there prayes which I had lung cancer five yeares free thank god for fox chase


17 yrs ago diagnosed prostate cancer- had colonoscopy-positive for colon cancer-colon resection, chemo therapy, radiation and seed implants.cancer free for 15 yrs.all prompted by visit to gp. see mds regularly and follow orders. and pray!! Pete Waters


Thanks to the skilled doctors and the nurturing staff at Fox Chase, today I am blessed to be a 19-year breast cancer survivor. Forever grateful. Forever in my prayers are all who pass through their doors.


Patients of cancer, I know that things can be hard sometimes but never lose hope! Hope is something that you can't lose, even when despair is at its peak. If something doesn't work out, that means that there is something better that can be done. Be well!


FCCC has provided top notch level care to two of my girlfriends: Lydia Henson and Maureen Wurst. These ladies are cancer survivors. I thank God and FCCC.


Wishing everyone health, hope, and happiness this holiday season. And a special thank you to all of our angels, especially Dr. Angela Jain, Annie Zavitsanos, Sarah, and Mary Anne in IR. Suzanne loved you all and I will never forget your kindness.


My father, Ron Horan, spent a good deal of his cancer battle at Fox Chase, I spent a week there, me mother continues her treatment, as well as a friend. Stay strong, lots of people are thinking of you!


Stay strong. My daughter was a patient and had a double mastectomy and hysterectomy and by the grace of God she is doing well. Never give up Hope.


In honor of pioneering science educator Morris Meister, we support scientific research, like that done at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and the scientific approach to discovering who we are and to understanding the context of our existence. -Jonny Meister


Sending you wishes to stay strong... You have the best doctors and the best care that could possibly be given. Know that you are thought of and prayed for by someone who once walked down your path


Sending positive thoughts to each of you at Fox Chase fighting and all over this world. You are in good hands now and even after you recover they will be there for you. I am 11 years out and they still are taking good care of me.


As a two-time cancer survivor, I owe my life to Fox Chase. I encourage all current cancer patients to never give up the fight. At times, it may seem like cancer is winning, but if you have the will power and faith to fight it, you will win at the end.


I want to say thank you to the staff at FCCC, in particular, Dr. Tom Galloway & Dr. Anshu Giri. I can't say enough about their compassion and dedication. I am so grateful to them & everyone at FCCC for my treatment. Happy Holidays to all!


Oct. 2019, I heard the words "you have cancer," leaving me numb. Thankfully, God and my urologist led me to FCCC. I want to acknowledge Dr. Vitirbo and her team and my family for their guidance and support throughout my cancer journey. Russ N.


God bless you with strength, peaceful moments and hope for recovery. And thanks to Fox Chase, Dr. Plimack and Colleen Tetzlaff and Jeanne Marie for your caring treatment for Don for 6 years. We are so grateful.


Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers not only during this holiday season but each and every day. The Doctors and nurses at FCCC are some of the best around!! Love and Prayers!!


Our daughter Sharon Schwartz, was added to the Tree of Life this year. She lost her battle with cancer at the end of January, and had spent 14 years working at Fox Chase. Please accept our profound thanks for the love, compassion and care she received.


In memory of Rudolph W. Bety, Sr.


I was diagnosed with lung cancer and lost a half lung that was 2010 I am still kicking and get out with my 3 labrador Retrievers every day. I fi Can do it when I was 64b can also may God Bless you. Please do not let it get you down. I did it all by myself


Diagnosed this month with breast cancer. Survived stomack cancer from 2009.


This disease is curable and stoppable. Please remain hopeful and strong and always remember angels are watching over you.


I would like to honor and celebrate my dear friend and survivor sister, Kathy Petrozelli who I met through Fox Chase! She has been THRIVING for many years now, and is an incredible advocate for others facing cancer. So grateful her and Fox Chase!


I would like everyone to be aware that you are all so strong! Every day you are getting closer and your strength inspires me! Everyone is in my prayers and I am here for you. Know that you are not alone and that so many people care about you.


My mantra is - 'do not give in' - the strength you have might be minimized by a diagnosis, and this can be overturned with a strong attitude. Keep in mind this is not an easy task to place into action! yet you can do it!


Fight on!


I can not thank the staff of Fox Chase enough. As a survivor I am forever in your debt. As an RN and family member who had loved ones treated at I am proud to see the compassion, love and positivity. Thank you!!!


Stay strong, you are being taken care of by the best and most caring people in the world.


Continuing the good work you do to save lives everyday! God bless you all!

Mary & Anthony

Keeping all patients and caregivers in my thoughts and prayers.


Stay strong and keep Hope for better days ahead. You have the strength deep within to get through this time and you are in the best care of the Fox Chase family.


Faith & Focus. Thank for all your love and encouragement Fox Chase team, Family and Friends. 11/2020


Your fight is our fight! Don't stop.... we support you!!!! #FoxChaseStrong


In loving memory of my mom who fiercely battled cancer. Peace and love to all those still fighting. May you continue to celebrate life, even on the darkest days.


God bless all of you as you receive your treatments with strength, peaceful moments and hope for a successful recovery. And thanks, Fox Chase, Dr. Plimack and Colleen Tetzlaff for your successful treatment for Don for 6 years. So grateful!!!


My donation is in memory of Bea and Bill Carpenter, my mother and father. I am a cancer survivor and want patients to keep fighting knowing you can win with the help of the best doctors at Fox Chase cancer Center. NEVER GIVE UP!


My experience with recurrence of breast cancer after 24 years, showed me how much progress had been made. I was able to forego chemotherapy based on new testing, and I could be safely re-radiated on the same spot.


A very special thank you to Fox Chase and their amazing Doctors; Dr. Bleicher, Dr. Winn and Dr. Topham along with Zachary Hasse! You saved my life and the lives of so many others. Sending all of my love and sincere gratitude today and always.


Hi there, I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great year despite everything that is going on this year! Just know that you are a powerful human being that can make a difference for the people around you!


Pray without ceasing while following your doctor's directions. Never give up.


In memory of our daughter Cathryn Fine, who died as a result of cancer. She was a remarkable elementary school teacher. We miss her every day. Blessings.

June & Francis

Thank you Fox Chase.


I've been cancer free since 1998 thanks to Fox Chase and doctors.

Joan & Carl

Life is precious and memories, family and special people in our life is what is important. We all will have a point in our life when it gets challenging and have to make tough decisions. Never give up hope and always believe in miracles. Stay strong!


Thanks to the wonderful staff and to all patients, stay postive and embrace the beauty of the season. Be strong and remain hopeful.


I am grateful for Doctor's like Dr. Steven Rubin who carefully diagnosed my physical condition and successfully operated on me eleven years ago for cancer of the uteris!


I wanted to make sure all of you know that you are loved, powerful, and amazing people. In these crazy times, you are among the strongest of everyone. Sending love and positivity your way and I'm hoping you all have a great holiday season!


Dear patient, I know you might be feeling lonely when you can't see people due to covid but we can see them online. I am sure they would be so glad to see you and it will make everyone happier, especially with the holidays coming up. Have a happy holiday.


"Come to me all you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." Jesus


Please know there are other cancer survivors praying for you every day. You chose the right place for your fight and you will get through it one day at a time.


Fox Chase saved my life. I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. If it wasn't for them I would not be here today. Thank you Fox Chase


I remember this tree as a survivor 10 years ago. Stay strong This is only a way to learn how to help others and care always. I survived. Life is great.


In loving memory of my brother, George E. McFall, Jr., who passed away in 2018.


Never give up!


I thank God for the gifted hands and loving heart of Dr. Ridge!


You are a fighter!! That's what makes you so amazing!! Because you fought this battle, you are an inspiration. You are my inspiration! I can't imagine what you are going through or have gone through, but I know for a fact that it is why you are so strong!


I know your life has changed and will forever be changed due to this disease, but just know that you have the love of God and you will beat this. He will keep you strong and give you the strength you need. And He will send angels to support and watch over you. Never give up-keep having faith!


In memory of Bradford Ward.


You are stronger than you think and braver than you could ever imagine <3


Remembering John F. Hughes III with love this Christmas and always. Keeping the Mathis & Lanza albums playing to teach the kids what you knew. With continued gratitude to Dr. Richard Greenberg for more time.


Stay strong - keep the faith!


Joey Rivera !!! You're the strongest person I know I love you and you got this !!!! Love you bro !!!


Doctors, nurses, caregivers, volunteers, and many more, thank you for all that you do. I hope that all of you working plus the people fighting have the strength and courage to get through each and every day. We support you along this tough journey.




Never give up hope.


Thank you all to those who help and fight for these causes. To all the people who are fighting cancer, keep fighting and never give up. It's a difficult challenge, but I know you will overcome it.


Never give up!

Judith & John

Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, first responders, and other healthcare workers who have toiled tirelessly to care for their patients and the community. To those of you fighting, I hope you may recover soon. I believe in you.


In memory of my mother, Mary Arnone.


10 years ago, I was diagnosed with Kidney, Bladder and Prostrate cancer. Please do not give up hope because your doctors are talented and are tirelessly working to provide you with a blessed life.


Good luck to all patients of Fox Chase Cancer Center. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! To all, I hope 2021 is a special year for everyone. Thank you to all the doctor's and nurses and staff that provide top notch professional care for all of us.


My patients are my inspiration and hope. They give me a reason to wake up each morning and return to Fox Chase. They are courageous and are thrivers and survivors. Sending my love to my patients and their families.


I am a cancer survivor and my son is also, I send my love and encouragement to you all .we are warriors of a different kind but have fought a battle and won, I'm so proud of us and all of you, never stop fighting you will win!


Dear survivor, I am so proud of you, for you to be able to fight for this long and still hold a smile on your face. The amount of courage it take for a person to go through something like this amazes me. I will now live my life thinking of your courage an


You are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Sending prayers.


As long as you have your Faith, you never have to be afraid. God is sovereign in all he does. Friends gave me these reminders when I was at Fox Chase. Give your worries to God, and let God and your great medical team do the rest! You are in great hands


Fox Chase has been fantastic, I have 10 years fighting prostate cancer, I can't say enough about the team that is treating me!!!


I was diagnosed wrongly where I live and found out from Fox Chase the right diagnosis and was treated successfully in 2012!!!!!! I love The doctors and nurses at Fox Chase!


Fox Chase hospital and all the caring supportive Doctors makes everyone who comes here feel hope and they are given the best care ever. You are not a statistic but a person who is respected and treated like a human being and not just a patient.


There is always a rainbow after a storm, it may be hard right now but it'll get better.


Following a recommendation from Johns Hopkins for radiation treatment, I experienced excellent doctors, nurses and support personnel at Fox Chase Cancer Center. After 8 years, I remain cancer free. You made a great choice in coming to Fox Chase.


Best wishes to everyone suffering with cancer. I hope all goes well with your recovery. Stay strong!


I hope this holiday season brings you cheer, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just chilling with some hot cocoa, know that you are loved and valued. I want you to know, you are an amazing person and can do anything. :)


Wishing you peace during these special holidays. You are loved. Merry Christmas!


Look up today is a gift that's why its called present


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