Prostate Cancer Biopsy and Diagnosis

There are multiple ways of diagnosing prostate cancer

Each patient’s individual situation and staging will determine which method is most accurate and beneficial. Fox Chase was one of the first centers to use multiparametric MRI of the prostate to detect and monitor prostate cancer.

Biopsy Options at Fox Chase

Fox Chase has been at the forefront of fusion biopsy, where MRI images are coupled with live ultrasound images during the biopsy procedure. This state-of-the-art technology markedly improves biopsy accuracy. In fact, Fox Chase was the first in the region to use the UroNav fusion biopsy system. This process may find tumor sites that wouldn’t be noticed in a regular prostate biopsy. Fox Chase has extensive experience with this technique, is working to improve its effectiveness, and Fox Chase faculty regularly present research on the subject at academic meetings. And Fox Chase is one of the few hospitals in the country offering a new Pet Scan service, useful for recurrence.

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s also has expertise in transperineal biopsy techniques. At Fox Chase we use a specially designed device that limits the number of biopsy needle insertion points to two -- one for each side of the prostate -- which further reduces the chance of infection and other side effects.

Even if you have a prostate tumor, many grow so slowly that they will never cause problems. If you have such a tumor, you may prefer simply to keep it under active surveillance rather than undergo further treatment at the time of diagnosis. MRI and fusion biopsy can help you and your doctor get a better idea about whether this active surveillance strategy makes sense for you.

Scanning for Recurrence

Fox Chase Cancer Center is the first facility in the region to offer a new clinical service for prostate cancer patients who are concerned about recurrence. The procedure uses a new imaging agent, fluorine-18-labeled synthetic amino acid for PET scans, which uses a radioactive drug to reveal how tissue and organs are functioning. In men with suspected prostate cancer recurrence due to an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) level, this drug uses the elevated levels of amino acids in cancer cells to help identify the location of a cancer recurrence. It is now available as a clinical service in the PET center. 

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