IRB Membership

Each IRB is composed of no fewer than ten (10) members, with varying backgrounds to assure complete and adequate review of research conducted at FCCC.  The diversity of the membership will be in consideration of race, gender and cultural background and shall be sensitive to community attitudes.  The IRB should promote respect for its advice and counsel in safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects. 

Each IRB meets once a month. Of the members, on each committee, at least one (1) will have primary concerns in scientific areas; one (1) will have primary concerns in non-scientific areas and one (1) will be unaffiliated with Fox Chase, its affiliates or any of its employees.

  • Non-Scientific Member: Nonscientific members may include individuals whose main concerns are explicitly in nonscientific areas.  Nonscientific members are individuals whose education, training, work, experience or other interests are not solely in medical, biological, or other scientific areas. (OHRP)
  • Scientific Member: Scientific members whose training, background, and occupation would incline them to view scientific activities from the standpoint of someone within a behavioral or biomedical research discipline. (OHRP)
  • Unaffiliated Member: An unaffiliated member has no association with FCCC or the Human Subjects Research Program, either self or immediate family member.  Unaffiliated members can be scientific or nonscientific, be knowledgeable about the local community and be amenable to discuss issues and research from that perspective. (OHRP)

Want to Join the IRB?

If you are interested in being a member of our IRB, please contact Sophia Sabina, IRB Manager ([email protected]) or Cheryl Storino, IRB Assistant Manager ([email protected]).