Linda Snow - Patient Story

"I had the gene, but I felt like I was at the best place I could be."

— Linda Snow, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor

As soon as Linda Snow learned she was adopted, she became curious about her roots. She began to wonder about her family's health history.

When she was 30 years old, Linda found her birth mother, but she had unfortunately already passed away from bilateral breast cancer. Her mother’s doctors suggested she get tested, so Linda came to Fox Chase’s Risk Assessment Program, founded by Mary Daly, MD, PhD. Linda learned that she carried the BRCA1 gene, which increased her risk for breast cancer. She sought the counsel of Fox Chase surgeon John Hoffman, MD, on the subject of prophylactic double mastectomy. However, limitations with her insurance – because she did not have a cancer diagnosis – forced Linda to have the procedure performed at a community hospital.

“Unfortunately, the surgeon at my local hospital did not achieve clear margins and left too much tissue,” recalled Linda. Knowing she still was at risk for breast cancer, Linda continued to see Dr. Hoffman at Fox Chase. In 2009, Linda underwent a second surgery to remove the remaining tissue. She had also followed Dr. Daly’s recommendation to undergo a prophylactic hysterectomy at age 42 to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Although Linda no longer had a need for annual mammograms, she occasionally performed self-exams. In August 2012, she discovered a small lump near her left underarm. “I sent Dr. Hoffman an email and even though he was on vacation, he responded quickly and asked me to make an appointment for the next week,” recalled Linda.

Linda is grateful to her husband Dwaine who was her primary caregiver and support system throughout treatment.Linda is grateful to her husband Dwaine who was her primary caregiver and support system throughout treatment.

“I had triple-negative breast cancer,” explained Linda. “Even after two prophylactic double mastectomies, I still got cancer.” Linda’s shock that she had breast cancer turned into a determination to beat it. “I am a fighter.  Fox Chase, that's exactly what they do,” recalled Linda. “They embrace that fighter attitude, they encourage it, they cheer you on!”

“This was when my positive experiences with Fox Chase really took off,” explained Linda. She began to refer to Dr. Hoffman as her “QB1” – or her quarterback. He built Linda’s team by recruiting Fox Chase breast surgeon Marcia Boraas, MD, and radiation oncologist Penny Anderson, MD. Even though Dr. Hoffman handed her off to a talented team, he stayed involved and in touch throughout the process. Dr. Boraas referred Linda to Fox Chase plastic and reconstructive surgeon Sameer Patel, MD, to develop the best surgical plan.

“With my aggressive form of breast cancer and history with two double mastectomies, Dr. Patel and Dr. Boraas agreed that I should begin with a lumpectomy,” said Linda, who reported that this procedure was much easier than her previous surgeries. Next, Linda started on a course of chemotherapy. She managed the sometimes difficult side effects of chemotherapy, including losing her hair, which she later admitted wasn’t so bad.

“When I’d see my doctors before going to the infusion room, they’d always give me a hug of encouragement and kindness, the kind my mom would have given me if she were alive,” shared Linda.

When Linda completed chemotherapy, she was joined by her surgeon, Dr. Hoffman, to ring the bell.When Linda completed chemotherapy, she was joined by her surgeon, Dr. Hoffman, to ring the bell.

Once she recovered from the chemotherapy, Dr. Anderson began a 30 day course of radiation treatments. “My dream team in radiation oncology always made me feel welcome and comfortable with the process,” added Linda, who knew that exercise could help her control the stress she was experienced. Determined to exercise when she felt up to it, Linda pushed through some tough workouts. Once she finished her most difficult chemotherapy, she slowly worked her way back to the P90X regimen, which Linda believes helped to manage the fatigue she was told to expect. Her next step, after finishing radiation, was the Insanity workout.

“The radiation technologists – Barb, Alyssa and Kristy – were literally the faces I looked forward to seeing each morning,” admitted Linda. “They were so thorough each day as they carefully positioned me on the table, making sure that I felt physically AND emotionally comfortable every step of the way.” When Linda heard them call her name in the waiting room, she recalled that they greeted her in a truly genuine fashion, asking how she felt.

Linda and her daughter, Alyssa.Linda and her daughter, Alyssa.

“Each one of them exhibited consummate professionalism and truly cared about my well-being. I know that these women have a tough schedule with lots of patients.  I also know that dealing with the public isn't always fun; however, these three always managed to make it seem like they were having a good time.”

“My experience with Fox Chase has been extremely positive and I enjoy spreading the word,” said Linda. She recently switched to a Fox Chase gynecologist because it provides peace of mind knowing everything is in one place. “My doctors told me that staying active would help my recovery and I believe it did. I am feeling great and hoping that I've truly been cured. I would recommend Fox Chase to anyone facing a diagnosis of cancer.”