Michelle McSweeny, MS, LCGC

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To ensure the accuracy of our patient satisfaction scores, we require that providers who see patients receive a minimum number of completed patient-submitted surveys before their reviews are listed on their profiles. Star ratings on this site are collected on a rolling basis from the previous 12 months.
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Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor

Treatment Focus

I focus my work on helping patients and their family members understand their risk of developing various cancers and the genetic basis behind these risks. Many of the families I see have experienced a great deal of hardship from watching multiple family members battle cancer through the generations. My ultimate goal with genetic risk assessment, counseling, and testing is to hopefully change this story for some of these families by promoting cancer awareness, risk reduction and prevention. I enjoy being a resource for patients by helping them understand the complexities behind cancer genetics so that they are able to make informed medical management decisions utilizing this information.   

Clinical Locations

Educational Background

  • MS, Genetic Counseling, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, 2014
  • BA, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Boston University, MA, 2012


  • Diplomat Certification, American Board of Genetic Counseling, 2014
  • Licensed Genetic Counselor, Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine, 2014


  • National Society of Genetic Counselors, 2014

Angela Shammo

  • Breast Cancer

I was a first grade teacher for six years before becoming a reading specialist for kids with learning disabilities. After having four children of my own, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom and teach my children, along with my nieces and nephews.

I was with my youngest, who was 18 months at the time, at the mother’s group I run at my church, when I received a heart-wrenching call from my doctor. Thankfully, I was surrounded by an extremely supportive group of women when I learned I had breast cancer.


Daryl Lloyd

  • Colorectal Cancer

Working for the Willingboro School District in New Jersey and the Colonial School District in Delaware, as an educator for over 25 years, I know the value of good health insurance. I never took for granted the benefits provided to me by the state, and that meant making sure I routinely got a colonoscopy. They aren’t fun, but they might save your life – they saved mine.


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