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Meet Michelle Savage, Fox Chase's New Genetic Counselor

Michelle Savage was born and raised in Bucks County, PA, and grew up familiar with Fox Chase Cancer Center. She completed her undergraduate studies at Boston University, earning her BA in biology, with a concentration in cell biology, molecular biology and genetics.

She studied genetic counseling at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA and completed internships at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Albert Einstein Medical Center. Michelle began working as a genetic counselor in our Risk Assessment Program in June.

“I have always been fascinated by genetics and inheritance.”

Michelle SavageMichelle Savage“I have always been fascinated by genetics and inheritance. I first learned about genetic counseling in a biology class in high school and I knew that was my calling,” says Michelle. “I majored in genetics as an undergraduate and loved the subject even more so I went straight to graduate school to earn my master of science in genetic counseling. It also helps that there is high demand for genetic counselors across the country at this time due to the expanding clinical need of genetic testing and result interpretation.”

“My role at Fox Chase is multi-faceted. I meet with patients and assess if they are candidates for genetic testing and if so, what type of genetic testing would be most beneficial for them,” she continues. “During my sessions I also have an educational role in explaining the process of genetic testing, the basic science behind it, as well as the benefits and risks of genetic testing for each patient. This way, each patient can make an informed decision about pursuing genetic testing.”

At Fox Chase, the genetic counselors are part of a team of counselors and clinicians with expertise in genetics. “Each patient we see is discussed with the clinical team prior to receiving their genetic test results. Everyone’s input is taken into consideration when the physicians make recommendations based on the genetic test results, as well as the patient’s personal and family history,” Michelle says.