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Vice Chair, Department of Urology

Professor, Department of Urology

Director of Reconstruction and Prosthetics, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Fellowship Director, Reconstructive and Prosthetic Urology Fellowship Program


  • Urology

Areas of Expertise


Treatment Focus

Complications from urologic cancer treatment, Urethral stricture disease, Penile implant surgery
Male anti-incontinence surgery, Peyronie’s disease, Open and robotic urinary tract reconstruction, Genitourinary trauma/injury, Revision male urologic prosthetic surgery



Treatment Philosophy

As a reconstructive urologist, I surgically manage the functional restoration of all urologic organs – specifically, the kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethra, and penis. My interest in becoming a reconstructive urologist arose from my desire to beneficially impact a patient’s quality of life. Many of the patients I see have quality of life problems from a cancer treatment itself. Indeed, the purpose of such cancer treatments are to extend a patient’s lifespan; my focus, specifically, is to optimize a patient’s quality of life.

A large aspect of my practice also manages patients with benign (non-cancerous) reconstructive problems. Although many urology treatments for benign conditions are straightforward, a small proportion of patients do not have a successful outcome and thus see me for a second opinion. I do not take for granted the honor and privilege of seeing such patients and creating a surgical plan with a patient that has experienced a prior unsuccessful outcome.

I am fortunate to have developed a clinical practice that routinely reaches over state lines. To be mindful of this, I have taken great efforts to minimize long trips back and forth to my office, and I instead earnestly attempt to provide patients with the most information about their problem in a consolidated manner. I believe each patient should be treated uniquely with careful attention placed towards their medical history and any nuances in their medical examination.

Throughout my career, I have actively participated in medical research and serve as a reviewer for most, if not all, of the most relevant urology-based journals in the literature. My publications focus on urinary reconstruction, urologic prosthetics, and urologic injury and have several hundred publications and abstracts that I have helped lead. I have been invited to lecture regionally, nationally and internationally on all topics related to urologic reconstruction and I am an active member of numerous reconstructive based international organizations. I believe that being an active researcher allows me to offer patients the most up-to-date treatments for their reconstructive problem.

As one of few Urologists in the country that has a practice wholly dedicated to urologic reconstruction, I have one of the largest experiences in managing abdominal and urethral reconstruction along with urologic prosthetics in the country. For patients in need of abdominal reconstruction of the kidney, ureter, and/or bladder specifically, I am also one of very few reconstructive urologists that has a robust experience in managing patients through either open, laparoscopic, or robotic approaches.

Urologic reconstruction is one of the most dynamic fields in Urology. I appreciate the responsibility I have been given to caring for patients with complex problems and understand that those often suffering from quality-of-life problems are most of all hopeful for a better life. I hope to bring a level of satisfaction for each patient and their families by working together to reach that goal.

Clinical Locations

  • Temple Health Ft. Washington
    515 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Fort Washington, PA 19034
    Phone: 800-836-7536
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Huntingdon Pike
    8 Huntingdon Pike
    Rockledge, PA 19046
    Phone: 888-369-2427

Educational Background

  • MD, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Residency, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
  • Fellowship, Urologic Reconstruction/Prosthetics, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX


  • American Board of Urology


  • American Urologic Association
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Urologic Association
  • Philadelphia Urologic Association
  • Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU)
  • Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons
  • International Society for Sexual Medicine
  • Sexual Medicine Society of North America
  • Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons
  • International Society of Reconstructive Urologists


Honors & Awards

  • Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctors, 2023-2024

Research Interests

  • Pain management in urologic surgery
  • Patient reported outcomes of urethral reconstruction surgery
  • Surgical technique innovations for penile implantation and urethral reconstruction
  • Multi-institutional collaborative research on urinary reconstruction and male prosthetic surgery

Selected Publications

Ellis JL, Ghiraldi EM, Cohn JA, Nitti M, Friedlander JI, Ginzburg S, Sterious SN, Abbosh P, Ohmann E, Uzzo RG, Simhan J. “Prescribing trends in post-operative pain management after urologic surgery: a quality care investigation for healthcare providers.” Urology, 2021 Jan, 153: 156-163.

Ellis JL, Pryor JJ, Mendez M, Sarmiento AS, Perito P, Simhan J. “Pain Management Strategies in Contemporary Penile Implant Patients.” Curr Urol Rep, 2021 Feb 22(3): 17.

Lucas JW, Gross MS, Barlotta RM, Sudhakar A, Hoover CRV, Wilson SK, Simhan J. “Optimal modeling: an updated method for safely and effectively eliminating curvature during penile prosthesis implantation.” Urology, 2020 Dec 146:133-139.

Policastro CG, Simhan J, Martins FE, Lumen N, Venkatesan K, Angulo JC, Gupta S, Rusilko P, Ramirez Perez EA, Redger K, Flynn BJ, Hughes M, Blakely S, Nikolavsky D. “A multi-institutional critical assessment of dorsal onlay urethroplasty for post radiation urethral stenosis.” World J Urol, 2020 Sep 17.

Cohn JA, Ghiraldi EM, Uzzo RG, Simhan J. “A critical appraisal of the ACS “Medically-Necessary, Time Sensitive Procedures” (MeNTS) Scoring System, Urology Consensus Recommendations, and Individual Surgeon Case Prioritization for resumption of elective urologic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.” J Urol 2021 Jan; 205(1): 241-247.

Lucas J, Gross MS. Yafi F, Christianson S, El-Khatib FM, Osman M, DeLay K, Simhan J. “A multi-institutional assessment of multimodal analgesia in penile implant recipients demonstrates dramatic reduction in pain scores and narcotic usage.” J Sex Med. 2020 Mar 17(3):518-525.

Tong CM, Lucas JW, Shah A, Foote C, Simhan J. “Novel multimodal analgesia protocol significantly decreases opioid requirements in inflatable penile prosthesis patients.” J Sex Med. 15(9) Aug 2018: 1364-65.

Lucas JW, Lester KM, Chen A, Simhan J. “Scrotal reconstruction and testicular prosthetics.” Transl Androl Urol. 6(4) Aug 2017: 710-21.

Gor R, Styskel B, Li T, Canter D, Simhan J. “Unexpected High Rates of Angiography and Angioembolization for Isolated Low Grade Renal Trauma: Results from a Large, Statewide, Trauma Database.” Urology. 97 Nov 2016: 92-97.

Parker DC, Simhan J. “Management of complications after surgical outlet reduction for benign prostatic obstruction.” 22 Oct 2015, p. 88-92... Expand

Additional Publications

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