Adult Volunteers

Adult volunteer applicants are required to provide contact information for two references who are not family members, preferably supervisors. We will contact references after the application is received.

Volunteering does not count as clinical experience. All clinical experiences must be through a formal school affiliation, and are not handled by the Volunteer Services Department.

Adult volunteer applicants are invited to attend an orientation session, and complete an in-person interview discussing goals, availability, talents and placement into an open assignment. Volunteers must complete HIPAA compliance training, a background check, and the required health screenings including:

  • Proof of immunizations
  • A two-step Tuberculosis test
  • A flu vaccination during flu season
  • Hepatitis B vaccination (for certain assignments only)

Off-site Crafters

Off-site crafters, or artisans donating their crafts to patients, are exempt from most volunteer requirements. However, we do ask that you complete an abbreviated application so we can keep track of your donations and time making crafts.


Job shadowing or observation at Fox Chase is provided to students on a pre-med academic track and offers individuals the opportunity to gain realistic insight into healthcare careers.  Unlike volunteering, interning, or working, job shadowing entails observation and is typically defined for a short time frame.

Anyone interested in shadowing must obtain their own point of contact. Volunteer Services does not research shadow opportunities for applicants. Shadows must

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Submit to a background check
  • Provide medical documentation of the required health screenings signed by their physician.
  • Wear a shadow/observation ID badge on the day of shadow experience.

Shadow/observation applications are processed through the volunteer office. Applicants must submit the shadow/observation application 3-5 days in advance.