Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteering at Fox ChaseCancer Center is an integral part of the care and comfort our patients receive. 

Important Points to Consider

  • Volunteers are expected to commit to a weekly 4-5 hour shift for six to 12 months.
  • Most volunteer assignments are available during regular business hours, with a limited number in the early evening, lasting four to five hours per assignment.
  • Volunteers must meet a minimum of 60-100 hours before Letters of Recommendation will be awarded.
  • Volunteer applicants undergoing active treatment are asked to get clearance from their physician before applying to volunteer.
  • Placement normally takes one to two months to allow time for orientation, required health screenings, HIPAA certification and background checks.

All new volunteer applicants are required to provide medical documentation of the required health screenings signed by their physician. These tests are the responsibility of the volunteer applicant and not the responsibility of Volunteer Services.

The Process

Getting started as a new Fox Chase volunteer is a step-by-step process designed to ensure that all volunteers are properly oriented to the Center and the Volunteer Services Department’s policies. Volunteers will:

  • Complete and return the volunteer application or apply online.
  • Once two references are received, attend the volunteer orientation program
  • Attend an assignment interview
  • Train for the assignment


Each volunteer assignment has a distinct training procedure. Depending upon your particular assignment, you will receive additional orientation and training from a specific staff member in your department. Some assignments require you to “shadow” a lead volunteer. This volunteer will guide you as you learn the critical elements of the volunteer assignment.

Patient-to-Patient Network
Patient-to-Patient Network


A new cancer diagnosis can leave many patients feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Talking to a fellow cancer survivor through the Fox Chase Cancer Center Patient-to-Patient Network can help. This telephone-based support program matches patients with Fox Chase cancer survivors who faced a similar cancer or underwent similar treatments. Our volunteers are trained to talk with patients about their anxieties and concerns, share their personal journeys, provide encouragement, and explain what patients can expect during cancer treatment. 

To participate or volunteer, click the button below, or contact the staff at the Resource & Education Center at 215-214-1618 or [email protected].

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