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Teaching Opportunities Through Teen Research Internship Program Initiative

  • Article from the Winter 2016 Postdoc Alumni Newsletter

    Teen Research Internship Program

    In an effort to prepare our trainees to be effective teachers and mentors in academia and beyond, Academic Affairs has expanded available teaching opportunities both at the high school level through the Teen Research Internship Program (TRIP) Initiative (a handson, active learning course for high school students motivated to explore their interests in science and medicine), and at the college level, through partnerships with Bryn Athyn and Chestnut Hill Colleges, as well as the University of Delaware. One new endeavor is providing the unique and exciting opportunity for select trainees to create their own course. Scheduled to launch in Spring 2017, Special Topics: The Cure—From Bench to Bedside is the brainchild of trainees from diverse programs across the Center including Cancer Biology, Blood Cell Development and Function, and Cancer Prevention and Control.

    The course focuses on how cancer therapies are developed and covers the scope of cancer research and prevention, with a particular emphasis on newly emerging approaches in immunotherapy. The opportunity to develop, teach, and receive input on a postdocdeveloped course will provide invaluable experiences for those trainees wishing to have teaching as part of their careers.

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