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Trainee Affairs Office Remodel

Article from the Winter 2016 Postdoc Alumni Newsletter

Located in the heart of the West Building, the Trainee Affairs Office is not just the headquarters for graduate student and postdoc training and support; it is a permanent testament to the achievements of our trainees and our Outreach Programs. Taking a tour around the office, you’ll find the In the Spotlight feature decorating the South wall. This installation proudly highlights the recent publications of the Center’s researchers in-training. In addition to this permanent display of the trainee’s biography and a graphical abstract of their work, this feature is promoted and archived online. Check out this month’s featured trainee and find us on LinkedIn. To date, over fifteen trainees have been featured and this list is only set to grow!

Continuing our tour to the  north, we find the Community Outreach Wall, which has photos from recent efforts of a dedicated group of the Center’s trainees who volunteered their time for tours and hands-on lab experiences for visiting students. For instance, this past March, thirty-three 8th grade students from the Julia Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia descended upon the Cancer Center for a full day immersive experience. In addition to a tour of the Cancer Center and lunch with the Center’s trainees, the visiting students ran DNA and protein gels, performed enzymatic assays and seeded organoid matrices. Other visitors included students from Franklin Institute’s STEM Scholars program, Temple’s STEP Up program, and North Montgomery Technical Career Center’s Biotechnology program. In addition to the obvious value this offers to our visitors, hosting these events also provide crucial education opportunities and communication skills for our trainees.

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