Where You Start Matters™

When and where patients first seek treatment for cancer can make a big difference in recovery and survival. Studies show patients who begin their treatment at a hospital that specializes in cancer like Fox Chase Cancer Center have a better chance at survival.* In addition to better outcomes, patients choose Fox Chase for our advanced treatments, highly experienced teams, and reputation for bold discoveries in cancer care and innovation.

The Latest Treatments

Your decision to come to Fox Chase provides you with access to leading physicians, state-of-the-art technology, novel therapies, and cutting-edge clinical trials. As a leading cancer center, we offer some of the most advanced treatments and specialists for your specific type of cancer.

We provide a full spectrum of care for each cancer we treat, including expertise in surgical oncology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology. We are here to support you every step of the way – from detection through survivorship.

Bold Discoveries in Cancer Care

Research has been at the heart of our institution since the hospital opened more than a century ago. Since our founding, Fox Chase scientists have earned two Nobel Prizes, a Kyoto Prize, and a Lasker Prize. Our research mission is what allows us to keep our elite designation as an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, as we continue to perform the added depth of research done in-house.

Fox Chase research programs provide essential benefits to our patients because of the close collaboration between our scientists and physicians. This special partnership is the basis for what is called translational medicine, or the process in which discoveries in the lab are "translated" into new treatments for patients. These translational discoveries are the reason we're able to offer patients participation in the latest clinical trials before other hospitals, and it’s an essential part of providing a full continuum of care.

Highly Experienced Teams

When you come to Fox Chase, you are getting access to nationally renowned clinicians and thought leaders in their fields, who are shaping the guidelines that doctors around the world follow. This means that our physicians are specialized in your specific type of cancer, and are teaching other physicians the latest in cancer treatments and techniques.

This depth of knowledge is channeled into integrated, disease-specific, multidisciplinary teams of physicians who create a personalized plan for you from diagnosis through to continuous follow-up care.