Concetta Greenberg

For over two decades, Mrs. Greenberg was deeply committed to supporting Fox Chase and its research endeavors. Following her husband's passing from pancreatic cancer in 2008, Mrs. Greenberg redirected her philanthropy towards this disease. In memory of her husband, she established the Marvin S. Greenberg, MD, Endowed Chair in Pancreatic Cancer Surgery at Fox Chase.

Mrs. Greenberg's unwavering dedication to advancing pancreatic cancer treatments led her to further focus her philanthropic efforts on funding significant research advancements at Fox Chase. Her generous contributions were instrumental in the establishment of the Marvin & Concetta Greenberg Pancreatic Cancer Institute in 2017. Additionally, her long lasting support facilitated the acquisition of crucial, life-saving equipment and numerous initiatives dedicated to pancreatic cancer research.

Furthermore, Mrs. Greenberg's support also led to the establishment of the new Marvin & Concetta Greenberg Endowed Chair in Pancreatic Cancer Research. This chair honors her legacy by aiming to make a substantial impact in pancreatic cancer research, particularly by supporting leading women researchers at Fox Chase in her memory.