Make an Appointment for Risk Assessment

You have taken the first step toward understanding your risk factors for cancer.

Our cancer risk assessment team — physicians, nurses, and genetic counselors — can help you determine your chances of getting cancer and whether you are at high risk for certain types of cancer. A cancer genetic counselor or genetics nurse will review all the information that you have gathered about your personal and family history to see if there are patterns that suggest an inherited genetic change.

If genetic testing is appropriate, your genetic counselor will walk you through questions about insurance coverage and can coordinate most genetic testing the day of your visit.

If you choose to have genetic testing, results can take from 2-12 weeks, depending on which test is ordered.

Prior to appointment:

  1. Complete a Health History Questionnaire (HHQ) online or mail your paper copy back at least one week prior to your visit. If you do not have time to complete the entire HHQ, please complete at least the family history section.

Items to bring:

  1. If you did not have time to mail your paper HHQ, please bring it to the visit (most important section to complete accurately is the family history)
  2. Any family members' genetic test results
  3. If you have a visit scheduled with the high risk screening clinic, bring all of the above and also copies of any screening/diagnostic reports, i.e. mammograms, MRIs, and any screening/diagnostic cds

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