Pooja Ghatalia, MD

Dr. Ghatalia

Clinical Locations

Primary Location

Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111


Assistant Professor, Department of Hematology/Oncology

Collaborating Member, Cancer Epigenetics



Treatment Focus

Chemotherapy, targeted chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, clinical trials for genitourinary malignancies

Research Program

Treatment Philosophy

I am a medical oncologist specializing in genitourinary cancers. Treating patients with cancer is a privilege for me as in the process of diagnosing and treating the illness I get to become the patient’s friend, resource and advocate. In the most difficult times of their life, each cancer patient and their family deserves the best possible care. I strive to provide excellent care by being a good listener, maintaining good communication with patients and my team, staying abreast with the rapidly evolving field of oncology and by providing individualized care to each patient.

I came to Fox Chase for my fellowship and stayed here because I loved the team and realized that at Fox Chase, each patient has the benefit of an interdisciplinary team working together to ensure the highest quality care. This team approach is crucial in determining and implementing the best treatment plan.

In my clinical practice I focus on the care of patients with kidney, prostate bladder, penile, adrenal and testicular cancer and I am proud to be part of a large multidisciplinary team of distinguished clinicians and researchers at Fox Chase.  Over the last decade, the number of treatment options for patients with advanced cancers has greatly expanded and at Fox Chase we can offer both the latest standard-of-care as well as new experimental approaches. My particular research interest is in developing biomarkers that can help understand the behavior of kidney cancers as well as clinical trial development for genitourinary cancers.

Education and Training

Educational Background

  • Fellowship, Hematology/Oncology, Temple University/ Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL
  • MD, Albany Medical College (Cum Laude), Albany, NY, 2012


  • ABIM Board Certified in Hematology and Medical Oncology


  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American Society of Hematology
  • American College of Physicians
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor medical society
  • American Medical Association

Honors & Awards

  • ASCO/AACR Molecular Biology in Clinical Oncology Workshop Selected Participant, Snowmass, CO, 2017
  • Kidney Cancer Association Young Investigator Award Research Grant, 2017
  • Trainees in Internal Medicine Mentored Experience in Research (TIME-R) award, 2014

Selected Publications

Ghatalia P, Plimack ER. Integration of Immunotherapy Into the Treatment of Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma. J Natl Compr Cance Network. 2020 18(3): 355-361. Cited in Pubmed: PMID 32135514

Nam H, Kundu A … Ghatalia P … Sudarshan S. PGC1α suppresses kidney cancer progression by inhibiting collagen-induced SNAIL expression. Matrix Biology. Jan 2020 [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 31986037

Ghatalia P, Plimack E. Biomarkers for neoadjuvant checkpoint blockade response in urothelial cancer. Nature Med. 2019 25(11): 1650. Cited in Pubmed: PMID: 31686037

Winer A, Ghatalia P, Bubes N, Anari F, Varshavsky A, Kasireddy V, Liu Y, El-Deiry WS. Dual Checkpoint Inhibition with Ipilimumab plus Nivolumab After Progression on Sequential PD-1/PDL-1 Inhibitors Pembrolizumab and Atezolizumab in a Patient with Lynch Syndrome, Metastatic Colon, and Localized Urothelial Cancer. Oncologist. 2019 24(11): 1416-19. PMID: 31444293

Ghatalia P, Gordetsky J, Kuo F, Dulaimi E, Cai K, Devarajan K, Bae S, Naik G, Chan T, Uzzo R, Hakimi A, Sonpavde G, Plimack E. Prognostic impact of immune gene expression signature and tumor infiltrating immune cells in localized clear cell renal cell carcinoma J Immunother Cancer. 2019 7(1): 139. Cited in Pubmed: PMID: 31138299

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Ghatalia P, Nagarathinam R, Cooper H, Geynisman DM, El-Deiry WS. Mismatch repair deficient metastatic colon cancer and urothelial cancer: a case report of sequential immune checkpoint therapy. Cancer biology and Therapy 2017 July. [Epub ahead of print]

Ghosh AP, Willey CD, Anderson, JC, Welaya K, Mehta, A, Ghatalia P. Kinomic Profiling Identifies Focal Adhesion Kinase 1 as a Therapeutic Target in Advanced Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. OncoTarget 2017 Apr; 8(17): 29220-32. Cited in Pubmed; PMID: 28418903

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Ghatalia P, Porter J, Wroblewski D, Carlson JA. Primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma associated with juxta-articular fibrotic nodules in a teenager. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. 2013 May; 40(5): 477-84. Cited in Pubmed; PMID 23578183



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  • 5.0
    April 26, 2022
    Very clear, ready to answer any questions.
  • 5.0
    March 27, 2022
    I had a great experience with the doctor and staff during my last appointment.
  • 5.0
    March 22, 2022
    Totally great visit.
  • 5.0
    March 12, 2022
    How can you improve on perfection? :-)
  • No Star Ratings Available March 11, 2022
    All good
  • 5.0
    February 14, 2022
    Excellent care!!!
  • 5.0
    January 24, 2022
    I can say that all staff, ALL, are extremely courteous and attentive to my needs, condition and health. I'm very pleased to be with Dr. Ghatalia and all the staff of [...] They saved my LIFE.
  • 5.0
    October 27, 2021
    Dr Ghatalia always respectful, knowledgeable, & in touch with my needs & questions.
  • 5.0
    September 21, 2021
    Love Fox Chase. Love Dr. Ghatalia.
  • 5.0
    August 21, 2021
    My first visit---was very satisfied---
  • No Star Ratings Available July 25, 2021
    My experiences have always been excellant
  • 5.0
    July 20, 2021
    Very good experience.
  • 5.0
    July 05, 2021
    Very professional made me feel very comfortable.
  • 5.0
    June 21, 2021
    Very good experience.
  • No Star Ratings Available April 06, 2021
    Dr. Ghatalia is terrific!
  • 5.0
    March 29, 2021
    Dr. Ghatalia and her staff were compassionate & professional.
  • 5.0
    March 29, 2021
    Dr. Pooja Ghatalia is sincere, friendly and most importantly has my health as her #1 priority. Helps make important decisions.
  • 5.0
    March 17, 2021
    Very good experience. Very professional.
  • No Star Ratings Available February 19, 2021
    excellent knowledge & understanding with a compassion to try & do right thing
  • 5.0
    February 01, 2021
    Ghatalia and her entire staff/team are all 10's A+. Fox Chase is outstanding.

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