At Fox Chase Cancer Center, we have a pharmacy that makes it easy to take home the medications you need.

Our Pharmacy:

  • Provides patients with the specialized knowledge of cancer-trained pharmacists
  • Offers medications that may not be available at other pharmacies
  • Accepts most insurances

Ask your doctor or your care team about getting your prescriptions filled through our pharmacy.

Call the pharmacy at 215-728-3178.

Pharmacy Hours

9 am - 6 pm 
Monday through Friday

Located in the outpatient area, across from the Terrace Café snack bar. (Intersection of the West Building, West Garage, the Courtyard, and the Young Pavilion)

Note, the pharmacy is not open to the general public; it is for Fox Chase patients who have a prescription from a Fox Chase provider as part of their cancer treatment plan.

Fox Chase patients can get prescriptions filled on-site, including oral chemotherapy drugs often not available in local retail pharmacies. Our pharmacists  can talk with patients one-on-one about their medicines, how to take them, and how to manage potential side effects.

Fox Chase Pharmacy participates with most major insureres covering Pharmacy Benefit and Medicare D benefits.