Genetic Counseling and Testing at Fox Chase Buckingham

Genetic counseling and testing offered at Fox Chase Buckingham looks at genetic factors that may increase your risk of developing cancer. You will meet one-on-one with our genetic counselor to determine your eligibility for genetic testing, order testing, review the results, and discuss cancer screening or prevention options for you and your family members.

By knowing your risk, you can take steps to lower your chances of getting cancer or detect cancer early.

About Genetic Testing

Genetic testing involves a DNA test (from blood or saliva) that looks for changes, also called mutations, in genes. These changes can tell you if you have inherited a gene change that could increase your risk for cancer. Clinicians may suggest genetic testing if you have a concerning personal or family medical history.

As the primary point of contact for testing, Fox Chase genetic counselors:

  • Review your personal and family health history
  • Coordinate testing with appropriate labs
  • Review possible out-of-pocket costs for testing
  • Discuss test results and implications for you and your family members
  • Provide information as needed for additional screening or strategies to reduce the risk of developing cancer

If the results of your genetic testing or your family history indicate that you are at a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer, you will be offered the opportunity to be monitored in one of our Risk Assessment Program’s high-risk breast and ovarian, gastrointestinal, or prostate clinics at our Main Campus location. These clinics offer long-term follow-up care and close monitoring.

What To Do Next

For more information about genetic counseling and testing at Fox Chase Buckingham or to make an appointment, please call 877-627-9684.