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We offer state-of-the-art radiation therapy technologies at Buckingham. Our services also include surgical consultations with experienced Fox Chase surgical oncologists. These consultations offer the patient treatment options and the opportunity to ask important health questions.

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CyberKnife®, only at Buckingham

The CyberKnife facility at Fox Chase Cancer Center BuckinghamThe CyberKnife facility at Fox Chase Cancer Center BuckinghamThe first radiosurgery system designed to target tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy, CyberKnife® provides treatment for tumors that cannot be removed surgically. Using image-guidance technology and computer-controlled robotics, the CyberKnife® system is designed to continuously track the tumor, detect its location, and correct for tumor and patient movement throughout the treatment.

In addition to the CyberKnife®, patients receive the same advanced level of clinical expertise and access to clinical trials as you would at the main campus at Fox Chase. 

Our services in radiation therapy, genetic testing,  and surgical consultation are available at Buckingham – all closer to home for patients’ convenience.

For more information about services Fox Chase at Buckingham or to schedule patient appointment, call the department numbers above or call 888-369-2427.

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