Andres F. Correa, MD

Dr. Andres Correa
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Clinical Locations

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
    333 Cottman Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19111
    Phone: 888-369-2427
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Huntingdon Pike
    8 Huntingdon Pike
    Rockledge, PA 19046
    Phone: 888-369-2427
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center - Voorhees
    502 Centennial Blvd
    Suite 7
    Voorhees, NJ 08043
    Phone: 888-369-2427

Director of Research, Department of Urology

Assistant Professor, Department of Urology

Society of Urologic Oncology Fellowship Director


  • Urology

Areas of Expertise

Kidney Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Urethral Cancer, Adrenal Tumor, Penile Cancer, Ureteral Cancer

Treatment Focus

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Traditional Open Surgery
  • Prostate Cancer: robotic and open radical nerve-sparing prostatectomy
  • Bladder Cancer: bladder preservation, urinary diversion, orthotopic neobladder reconstruction
  • Kidney Cancer: kidney-sparing approaches, robotic, laparoscopic, open kidney surgery
  • Adrenal masses: minimally-invasive and open adrenal surgery

Research Program


Treatment Philosophy

I am a urologic oncologist who specializes in the management of the prostate, kidney, bladder, adrenal gland, testis, and penile cancers. I have had extensive training in both open and minimally invasive/robotic techniques, and believe the best surgical approach is the one that maximizes patient safety and prompt post-operative recovery.

As a cancer specialist, I pride myself on being a patient educator foremost who strives to help patients and their families navigate their treatment options. I am passionate about creating partnerships with my patients, where care plans are individualized and balanced to optimize cancer control and quality of life.

As an academic surgeon, my goal is to provide my patients with the most updated treatment options, by being actively involved in clinical trials and translational research. I am fortunate to practice at Fox Chase Cancer Center, which fosters a culture of multidisciplinary care, innovation, and compassion, where treatment plans are discussed extensively to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient and their families.

Follow on Twitter: @UroCorrea

Educational Background

  • Oncology Fellow, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia PA, 2016-18
  • Chief Resident, Urology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh PA, 2015-16
  • Resident, Urology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh PA, 2012-15
  • Resident, Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh PA, 2011-12
  • Intern, Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh PA, 2010-11
  • MD, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore MD, 2010


  • American Board of Urology


  • American Medical Association
  • American Urological Association
  • National Hispanic Medical Association
  • Society of Urologic Oncology

Honors & Awards

  • Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctors, 2023-24

Research Interests

  • Optimization and development prognostic models for kidney and bladder cancer
  • Biomarker development for improved prognosis and treatment allocation in patients with renal cell carcinoma

Selected Publications

Ramamurthy, C., Handorf, E. A., Correa, A. F., Beck, J. R., & Geynisman, D. M. (2019). Cost-effectiveness of abiraterone versus docetaxel in the treatment of metastatic hormone naive prostate cancer. Urol Oncol, 37(10), 688-695. doi:10.1016/j.urolonc.2019.05.017

Correa, AF., O. Jegede, N. B. Haas, K. T. Flaherty, M. R. Pins, E. M. Messing, J. Manola, C. G. Wood, C. J. Kane, M. A. S. Jewett, J. P. Dutcher, R. S. DiPaola, M. A. Carducci, and R. G. Uzzo. 2019. 'Predicting Renal Cancer Recurrence: Defining Limitations of Existing Prognostic Models With Prospective Trial-Based Validation', J Clin Oncol, 37: 2062-71

Correa AF, Uzzo RG. Author Reply. Urology, 2018, In Press

Correa AF, Yankey H, Li T, Joshi SS, Kutikov A, Chen DY, Viterbo R, Greenberg RE, Smaldone MC, and Uzzo RG.  Renal Hilar Lesions: Biological Implications for Complex Partial Nephrectomy, Urology, 2018 In Press

Correa AF, Smaldone MC. Melancholy and Cancer: The Bladder Cancer Narrative. Cancer. 2018

Hamilton ZA, Uzzo RG, Larcher A, Lane BR, Ristau B, Capitanio U, Ryan S, Dey S, Correa A, Reddy M, Proudfoot JA, Nasseri R, Yim K, Noyes S, Bindayi A, Montorsi F, Derweesh IH. Comparison of functional outcomes of robotic and open partial nephrectomy in patients with pre-existing chronic kidney disease: a multicenter study. World J Urol. 2018

Correa AF, Toussi A, Amin, M, Hrebink RL, Bishoy GA, Parwani AV, Maranchie JK. Small renal masses in close proximity to the collecting system and renal sinus are enriched for malignancy and high Fuhrman grade and should be considered for early intervention. Clinical Genitourinary Oncology. In Press. 2018

Undergoing Hematuria Evaluation. Advanced healthcare materials. 2017

Joshi SS, Handorf E, Strauss D, Correa AF, Kutikov A, Chen DY, Viterbo R, Greenberg RE, Uzzo RG, Smaldone MC, Geynismann DM. Treatent Trends and Outcomes for Lymph Node Positive Penile Cancer Patients. Jama Oncology. 2018

Acharya AP, Theisen KM, Correa AF, Meyyappan T, Apfel A, Sun T, et al. An Inexpensive, Point-of-Care Urine Test for Bladder Cancer in Patients

Correa AF, Handorf E, Joshi SS, Geynisman DM , Kutikov A, Greenberg RE,

Chen D, Uzzo, RG, Viterbo R, Smaldone MC. Differences in Survival by Receipt of Lymph Node Dissection in Patients with Invasive Penile cancer: Results from the National Cancer Database. J Urol. 2018

Ferroni MF, Correa AF, Lyon TM, Davies BJ and Ost MC. The Use of Cell Salvage in Urologic Oncology: A Comprehensive Review. Reviews in Urology. 2017

Ristau BT, Correa AF, Uzzo RG, Smaldone. Active Surviellance for the Small Renal Mass: Growth Kinetics and Oncologic Outcomes

Correa AF, Kutikov A. Editorial Comment. Urology. 2017 Dec 26; 102:136-7

Additional Publications

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