Daryl Lloyd

Daryl always kept up with his routine colonoscopies and preventive care. He’d had polyps in the past, but nothing concerning. However, just before he was due for his next screening, he started to experience pain in his stomach and immediately went to get it checked out.

A colonoscopy revealed a large tumor in his colon. As someone who had been healthy his entire life and stayed on top of his screenings, Daryl was shocked.

After meeting with a specialist and not feeling a connection, Daryl turned to Fox Chase Cancer Center for a second opinion.

He quickly scheduled an appointment there, and at his first consultation, he met with an impressive multidisciplinary team. Not only did these clinicians have excellent credentials, but he also felt personally connected to them and that he could trust them completely.

Daryl knew that getting it right from the beginning is important, and that receiving an accurate diagnosis as well as the right treatment plan strongly affects your outcome. For Daryl, his outcome was becoming cancer-free, and he is thankful for his Fox Chase care team every day.

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