Screening in the Community

Cancer Screening Matters

Getting screened (early detection) for cancer is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself healthy.  The goal of early detection is to find pre-cancerous lesions or cancers at an earlier stage before it has had a chance to spread.  Also, when found at earlier stages, there may be more treatment options.  

Cancer Screening in the Community

Our cancer screening program is focused on increasing access to health care.   For over 30 years, Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Mobile Screening Unit (MSU) – in partnership with Flyers Charities – has been bringing cancer screenings to neighborhoods throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey.

Details About the Mobile Screening Unit

  • Breast Imaging Center of Excellence
  • Member of the National Mobile Health Clinics Network
  • Private changing rooms and private mammogram area
  • Fully staffed by Fox Chase medical technicians
  • Mammograms are read by highly qualified Fox Chase doctors
  • Screening results are provided to you and your doctor within 10 business days

Partner With Us

Our Community Cancer Screening Program is successful because we partner with organizations that understand the importance of providing preventive cancer screening. These organizations include businesses, faith-based groups, community-based organizations, local legislators, health centers and physician practices and many others who contact us for this service. We provide language services to assist those whose primary language is not English. We work with each group to arrange screening dates and to make sure all requirements are understood.

If your business or community organization wants to learn more about our Community Cancer Screening Program, please contact Linda Hammell, Director of the Community Cancer Screening Program, at 215-728-3554 or by email at  [email protected].