Nicholas Mackrides, MD

Nicholas Mackrides, MD
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Assistant Professor


  • Hematologic Pathology
  • Anatomic Pathology

Treatment Focus

Surgical Pathology, Hematopathology


Clinical Locations

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
    333 Cottman Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19111
    Phone: 888-369-2427

Educational Background

  • Fellowship, Surgical Pathology, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2018-19
  • Fellowship, Hematopathology, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 2017-18
  • Resident, Department of Pathology, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL, 2013-17
    • Chief Resident, 2015-2016
  • MD, St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies, 2013


  • American Board of Pathology
  • American Board of Pathology - Hematopathology


  • College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)
  • American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

Honors & Awards

  • Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctors, 2024

Selected Publications

Mackrides N, Chapman J, Larson MC, Ramos JC, Toomey N, Lin P, Maurer MJ, Rafaelle M, Tan Y, Ikpatt F, Syrbu S, Ansell SM, Habermann TM, Link BK, Feldman AL, Lossos IS, Cerhan JR, Vega F. Prevalence, clinical characteristics and prognosis of EBV-positive follicular lymphoma. Am J Hematol. 2019 Feb; 94(2):E62-E64. PubMed

Mackrides N, Lossos IS, Vega F. Intracytoplasmic azurophilic inclusions in prolymphocytes. Int J Hematol. 2018 Dec;108(6):565. PubMed

Husnain M, Mackrides N, Vega F, Paez-Escamilla M, Markoe AM, Harbour JW, Lossos IS. CD4+/CD8+ immunophenotype switching as a marker for intraocular and CNS involvement in mycosis fungoides. Leuk Lymphoma. 2018 Nov 14:1-4. PubMed

Alameddine M, Zheng I, Yusufali A, Mackrides N, Ciancio G. Adult renal sarcoma: A rare case of recurrence 13 years after initial resection. Clin Case Rep. 2018 Nov 11;7(1):47-50. PubMed

Algashaamy K, Tan Y, Mackrides N, Alencar A, Peng JH, Rosenblatt J, Alderuccio JP, Lossos IS, Vega F, Chapman J. Splenic B-Cell Lymphomas with Diffuse Cyclin D1 Protein Expression and Increased Prolymphocytic Cells: A Previously Unrecognized Diagnostic Pitfall. Case Rep Hematol. 2018 Sep 27;2018:5761953. PubMed

Pinto A, Mackrides N, Nadji M. PD-L1 Expression in Carcinosarcomas of the Gynecologic Tract: A Potentially Actionable Biomarker. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2018 Jul;26(6):393-397. PubMed

Bini Viotti J, Doblecki S, Luca CC, Mackrides N, Vega F, Alcaide ML. Primary Intramedullary Spinal Cord Lymphoma Presenting as a Cervical Ring-Enhancing Lesion in an AIDS Patient. Open Forum Infect Dis. 2018 Jun 4;5(6):ofy128. PubMed

Zito PM, Gonzalez AM, Fox JD, Cronin M, Mackrides N, Kirsner RS, Nichols AJ. Widespread Skin Necrosis Secondary to Gemcitabine Therapy. J Drugs Dermatol. 2018 May 1;17(5):582-585. PubMed

Alderuccio JP, Mackrides N, Chapman JR, Vega F, Lossos IS. Rapid complete response to blinatumomab as a successful bridge to allogeneic stem cell transplantation in a case of refractory Richter syndrome. Leuk Lymphoma. 2018 May 10:1-4. PubMed

Mackrides N, Campuzano-Zuluaga G, Maque-Acosta Y, Moul A, Hijazi N, Ikpatt FO, Levy R, Verdun RE, Kunkalla K, Natkunam Y, Lossos IS. Epstein-Barr virus-positive follicular lymphoma. Mod Pathol. 2017 Apr;30(4):519-529. PubMed

Mackrides N, Ganjei-Azar P, Perez R, Cui T, Block N, Schally AV, Nadji M. GHRH Receptor Expression in Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumors: A Potentially Targetable Biopredictor. Int J Gynecol Pathol. 2016 Mar;35(2):142-6. PubMed

Additional Publications

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