February 16, 2021
Fatty Liver Disease: What Everyone Should Know
You likely already know about the link between excess alcohol consumption and severe liver diseases. But many people don’t realize that fatty liver disease—and the complications that can come with it—isn’t always fueled by alcohol. Between 30% and 40% of U... read more
February 2, 2021
What Everyone Should Know About Clinical Trials
There’s a big spotlight on the clinical trial process these days due to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. But clinical trials aren’t just for vaccines. If you or a loved one are undergoing cancer treatment, it’s worth learning about cancer clinical... read more
February 1, 2021
What Are Adrenal Tumors? And What You Should Know About Them
There are parts of your body that you can’t see—and may not even know about—that play a key role in keeping you healthy. Your adrenal glands fall into that category. The adrenal glands are two small glands that reside above the kidneys. Part of the... read more
January 28, 2021
Diet, Obesity, and Colon Cancer: Learn the Risks
Lifestyle factors can have a major impact on the risk of colon cancer. This might not seem like news, but consider the big picture. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the... read more
January 28, 2021
Coping With Peripheral Neuropathy From Cancer
Peripheral neuropathy can be a common—and often long-lasting—side effect of a cancer or its treatment. For now, there’s no known way to cure or prevent it. But there are lots of options for managing it, according to Dylan R. Sherry, MD, a physician within... read more
January 19, 2021
Can Abdominal Pain Signal Cancer?
Figuring out the source of pain can be difficult. However, it can be particularly tricky when your abdomen hurts, mainly because the abdomen contains a variety of organs that may be triggering the pain. “Abdominal pain can indicate all sorts of things,”... read more