January 15, 2019
Cancer Disparities: How Cancer Affects Different Populations
Anyone can get cancer. However, some populations experience an undue burden of cancer. The adverse impacts cancer has on different populations are known as cancer disparities. What are cancer disparities? According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI),... read more
December 20, 2018
How to Talk to Your Family About Cancer History and Risks
Cancer isn’t high on anyone’s list of fun conversation topics. But talking about family cancer history and genetic testing is important. Sharing information can educate and empower patients and their relatives. “Knowing enables us to take action, and that’... read more
October 3, 2018
8 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Cancer
When it comes to keeping cancer at bay, there’s both good news and bad. The bad news is that there’s no foolproof way to prevent it. As for the good? Everyone can take steps to significantly lower their risk. “Cancer can be genetic or sporadic,” said... read more
September 7, 2018
Why Ovarian Cancer Awareness Is So Important
Ovarian cancer is the most deadly of gynecologic cancers. The disease is called the “silent killer” because its symptoms are often attributed to other conditions affecting women and so the majority of cases are caught too late, when the disease has advanced... read more
August 30, 2018
Cancer Risks: Separating Myths From Facts
You might think you’re doomed to get cancer because one of your parents had it. Or that steering clear of deli meats or wearing natural deodorant will keep you healthy. Are those things really true, though? Many of us have misunderstandings about what does... read more
July 10, 2018
Shining a Spotlight on UV Rays
You’ve probably heard about the link between UV rays and skin cancer. But what exactly are UV rays, and how are they dangerous? And most importantly—what can you do to reduce your exposure? Here are the basics: The light that comes from the sun contains... read more