July 26, 2018
The Important Role Tumor Boards Play in Cancer Care
When it comes to cancer care, looking at a patient’s case from different perspectives is an essential part of deciding the best treatment approach. That’s why tumor boards are so crucial. These meetings provide a huge benefit to patients, though it’s a... read more
July 10, 2018
Shining a Spotlight on UV Rays
You’ve probably heard about the link between UV rays and skin cancer. But what exactly are UV rays, and how are they dangerous? And most importantly—what can you do to reduce your exposure? Here are the basics: The light that comes from the sun contains... read more
May 24, 2018
Sunscreen Smarts: 6 Things Everyone Should Know
Here’s a shocking stat: Up to 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. The good news is that sunscreen can go a long way toward reducing your risk. But the contents inside that bottle or tube isn’t magic. “Sunscreen only works if you’re... read more
May 23, 2018
Step into Summer with these Sun Protection Tips
Everybody loves the outdoors in the spring and summer. After a long winter of dark mornings and early dusk, come May, people crave sunlight! With the sun comes the responsibility of protecting your largest organ – the skin– from the sun’s damaging rays.... read more
February 9, 2018
Mohs Surgery—Optimal Treatment for Basal and Squamous Cell Cancer
Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer in the U.S. When a patient gets a skin cancer diagnosis, sunlight and artificial ultraviolet light from sources such as tanning beds and sunlamps, are often the culprits. The good news is that the two most common... read more