August 9, 2018
Cancer Patients Benefit in Multiple Ways from Exercise
If you’re looking for a simple exercises that can be done anywhere to improve your quality of life before, during, and after cancer treatment, Jean Kozempel, DPT, has your answer. And it only takes about 20 minutes a day. “More and more research... read more
July 26, 2018
5 Reasons to Consider Joining a Cancer Support Group
You might already know that cancer support groups are a place where patients can share their feelings. But there’s more to learn about what these meetings can offer—and whom they can help. Here are five reasons to think about joining one, whether you’re a... read more
July 13, 2018
Life After Cancer: Questions on Survivorship and Wellness, Answered
Finishing cancer treatment marks the start of an exciting new chapter in your life. This next step is likely filled with lots of hope and joy. But it can also come with uncertainty about how to stay on top of your health and what the future might hold. Here... read more
May 17, 2018
Cancer Survivorship: What You Should Know
Who is a Survivor? You are a survivor from the time of your cancer diagnosis through the rest of your life. What is Survivorship Care? Your survivorship care should include efforts to: Prevent your cancer from coming back, prevent new cancers, or... read more
March 23, 2018
‘Is My Cancer Coming Back?’ How to Cope with the Fear of a Recurrence
Cancer survivors share many things, including this: a fear that their cancer will return. It’s a worry that, ironically, often surfaces at what should be an occasion for relief—the end of active treatment. But that’s exactly when cancer survivors see their... read more
March 6, 2018
The Value of Survivor Support
  “It made me feel that being alone in this situation was not the loneliest feeling in the world. It made me realize that the other people were also going through the feelings I was having but dealing with them much better than I was. They were living... read more